Thursday, 31 July 2008

Film Review: Wall-E

Last night I ventured back to the wilds of Holloway to watch Wall-E. An annoying ‘how-do-you-pronounce it?’ title, but I do like my animation, and was intrigued by the papers bigging it up as a ‘masterpiece’. I saw it compared to classics like ET and Finding Nemo. In reality, I liked the much maligned Speed Racer more, so that says something (something bad).
Wall-E the character is alright, but not very chatty. I do find it hard to get into a film with little dialogue, I must admit, like that bloody Tom Hanks film where he’s friends with that ball.
Wall-E spends his time sifting through other people’s rubbish (OPR, as my ex with a penchant for skips used to call it), on an abandoned earth. I liked Wall-E’s bedroom, it reminded me of mine, adorned with fairy lights and assorted plastic tat. But he lacks originality, coming off like a cut-price Johnny 5, and his girlfriend looks like this toy I got for Christmas that I thought was cutting edge back in 1985. The artists could have used their imagination slightly more. I hate the way the humans look too. I hate the way Pixar do humans. Everything’s either cutesy or grotesque, there’s no middle-ground.
I liked the fact Eve the female lead was a bit trigger-happy and angry rather than a simpering pink robot with eyelashes and a bow in her hair, but she wasn’t amazing. Wall-E wasn’t either, in fact I thought he was a little bit creepy with his penchant for hand holding (even when Eve looked pretty dead at times).
I watched this film last night and already I can’t remember what happened, really. It was pretty, and cute, and sentimental, but it left no lasting impression one way or the other. It didn’t have the characterisation or emotion of ET or Nemo. There was something just a bit clunky about the script.
I think in the end I just found this film a bit too robot-y. It lacked a bit of heart.

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