Monday, 14 July 2008

BBC3: Snog, Marry, Avoid?

I've managed to tune in some more Freeview channels! Hurrah!
Snog Marry Avoid? is the best makeover show on telly! The least ugly one from Atomic Kitten takes a couple of Northern slappers who make Jodie Marsh look as pallid as Michael Jackson's and give them a make-under. But I love their trashy looks! They look wicked with their make-up all splodged on and their furry boots and a bit of tape for a skirt. There is something fascinating about women who wear make-up as a mask and all their fake hair and everything. It's brilliant! It shows personality.
When they show the girls on the streets in town centres up North, it's like another world. I've never seen so much hairspray in my entire life. 'Being orange is good' one of them said. But why? It's weird! But wonderful.
Emo interlude: Then they had one girl who looked like a nu-raver (or cyber kid as we used to call them back in the day) who had her ears made into 'elf ears' via plastic surgery. Nice! Good luck down the job centre, love. (God, I sound like Richard Littlejohn today!)
Back to the Serena Slazengers. 'Tangerine is better than pasty white.' No! Pale is beautiful! They do look COMPLETELY different after the makeovers, and I like the fact the makeover takes one second. I hate the way they drag out 10 Years Younger (and I also want to kick Nicky Hambleton-Jones in the fanny).
They make them look awful afterwards, like boring school teachers. This must be how their boyfriends feel when they see them in the morning!
Ah, it's a hard life being a natural beauty. *cough*

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