Monday, 21 July 2008

Big Brother 9: 'Can we lick your balls for you?'

Ok, quick catch up. Darnell: what the fuck happened? He went from clear winner to utter dick in a week. When Dale said 'power corrupts' I nearly fell off the bed: it was his most insightful statement in two months. However, Belinda's interview where she said Dale was 'insightful' was beyond belief: he's about as insightful as a blow-up doll.
Rex was also on the cunt-pills in the last few days: I hated him when he said to Rachel, 'you'll always be average'. Maybe she's quite HAPPY being average, Rex, did you ever think that? Not everyone can be a megalomaniac with an ice-cream cone hairdo like you. Very disappointing. Darnell also had a go at Rachel just because it's easy: so I was pleased when Dale stood up for her. However, I can't stomach a Dale win, so please go back to your tongue-lolling retarded-self shortly, please. Becks doing the monkey task: what an absolute quitter she is. She's hopeless. I thought that whole Mo and Kat packing their bags thing was utterly cruel and I felt for them both. Nasty, naughty BB.
So onto tonight. I'm so sick of this Heaven and Hell BULLSHIT. This isn't BB USA (which I have been watching, but I haven't got into it so much yet.)
Why the fuck did Dale pick Maysoon to be in Heaven AGAIN? She's shit! It's not very fair on Sarah or Lisa (Mikey can go fuck himself, frankly). It's not like Rex is exactly grateful to be in Heaven again.
Why did Mo start on Mikey? I'm confused. There is a serious case of cabin fever/ bad attitude in the house today. Mo and Darnell could easily get booted at any given moment. Why is there NO ONE I like in the house at the moment? My favourites at the moment are people like bloody LISA, for God's sake.
Dale brought up the old favourite: 'talking with his dick out' phrase again. Lovely! Bless him, he didn't know what 'antithesis' means.
Lisa made me laugh saying WWJD? Rex when right back into my good books when he said 'Rebecca and Jesus should not be in the same sentence.'
Rebecca didn't do much for feminism when she went and did topless star jumps in the garden at Dale's request. I don't know who described her as a 'horror show' but it wasn't very nice. I bet her parents enjoyed watching that about as little as Luke did.

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