Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Big Brother 9: Health and Safety

I hate Belinda. Although, Mario is becoming a monster again. Why was he being so narky to her? He destroyed the magic by making her explain her fake eccentricities.
Mario ALMOST said 'trip hazard' tonight: my heart pounded when he told the story of the elastic band.
Mikey: your chances with Sara are.. zero. Why is she even encouraging him?
I'm glad Rebecca has been knocked off her perch. I enjoyed Rex singing 'Goodnight sweetheart' to her.
Mario sniping at Lisa (the Housemaid!) What the fuck? Why is he calling her out for cleaning up? How is it 'sickening'? What a dick. I wouldn't ever make him a cuppa again. He's seriously paranoid. She hasn't changed one iota since she entered that house. I knew there must be cracks somewhere! And here they are, exposed. Lisa was very astute that Mario picked on her because he was annoyed that he was unpopular. Mario descended into a spiral of black, bitter depression!
How interesting that Mikey pulled up Belinda for patronising him for being blind. He's never, ever done it to Mario. Why? Does he genuinely like Mario, I wonder? I've never considered it.
Belinda was desperate for some love tonight, wasn't she, and getting none!
Chick-pea and Cookie! What cunning nicknames. I wonder who they could be?
BB: technically not much more ineresting that the live feed tonight. Must try harder.

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