Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Big Brother 9: Down the Rabbit Hole

I like all the clocks, it's quite Dali-esque isn't it? It reminds me of a task Derren did once where he made people pick an object out of loads in a big room like that.
Watching people count in their heads is strangely compelling. Clock heads!
Mikey's voice! ARGH! I'd kill him with a spade. There'd be no option.
Darnell's reaction to being nominated was ridiculous. What do you expect? You've been an arse all week! It's not the housemates fault: it's YOURS. You're acting like a real dick about it. It's not 'too early'. It's TIME! I was embarrassed when he said he expected to go to the end. You're meant to THINK that, not SAY it! It made me want him out big-time. He was totally dismissive of Becks too. She's a human too! She has feelings!
Oh my God, I AGREED with Dale again tonight. Just kill me right now. It is an unpopularity contest. Deal with it. Poor Darnell; 'people don't like me'. Welcome to the world. There's nothing worse than a bad loser. Why is Dale saying he wants to go home now, though? I don't get it.
Lisa finally looked like she was going to snap about the hampers! Yay! Push her over the edge. Make her cry! I want to see it.
Did Rachel really ask Darnell if he was black? How long has she lived in there with him? How can they NEVER have had that conversation? That is downright offensive!
Urgh, Dale listening to Luke and Becks snog! That's not my idea of winning threesome. Her time is up: I don't think even that threesome on the kitchen worktops could save her now.

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