Tuesday, 29 July 2008

The Daily Mail: 'Go soft on the wives who kill in cold blood'

Today's Headline: 'Women who kill their abusive partners in cold blood could escape a murder conviction if they prove they feared more violence. In cases where the husband kills, the existing 'partial defence' of provocation if a wife was having an affair was scrapped altogether.'
Just look at that language and marvel. 'In cold blood'. Do battered women EVER kill in cold blood? Do they plot, plan, premeditate? Or do they, in extremely rare cases, after years and years of abuse, one day, quite understandably, say enough is enough?
Look at Charlize Theron's mother. She got off, and quite rightly, it wasn't cold blood, it was an answer back, a fucking full stop. You can tell by the way Charlize talks about her mother exactly how they both suffered. It was no loss for that man to be off the planet. Let's face it, the full stop is normally the wife getting killed (two a week), not the abusive husband, so forgive me if I don't shed a tear for any of those bastards.
The second part is also curious, as if women are being let loose to kill men, whilst men won't even have the right to kill their cheating harpie wives anymore. As if it's some sort of trade off, as if the two scenarios are even fit to share the same page.
These are GOOD LAWS, not bad, you stupid wankers. I wish these women could walk away but so often they can't. And I'd rather the men died than they did. And that's that.

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