Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Big Brother 9: Makeshift Mafia

Rex! You're being a dick! STOP IT!
The producers obviously didn't trust the Heavenly housemates to vote the right way so they doctored the noms again. Zzzz.
Nominating Dale for his VT is stupid. Anyone would say anything to get on telly. So what?
Lisa's friend discovered 'human DNA' and is 'into martial arts'. Cool. Rex nominating Dale for disrespecting women was a joke. He's disrespected Rachel non-stop in that house, then called Maysoon 'slutty'. Charmed, I'm sure. Her VT was not overly sexy at all.
I wanted to punch Rex in the garden, he was being such a CUNT. I was glad Lisa called him a joke. The atmosphere in the house is irreparable in my opinion, and it's not even entertaining, it's painful to watch. Rex because a true bully today, even insulting his friend Mo. Really unpleasant stuff. I get that he was trying to get nommed. But it was still gross. I'm glad Kat took him to task, as best she could.
Dale's self-fulfilling prophecy of trying to annoy the housemates ended up paying off. Can't believe Rachel didn't nominate Rex, she must be a masochist.
Luke proved himself out of touch as usual by voting the nicest people in the house. They are wankers though. I was depressed he and Luke were up (until they fixed the nominations). Another nail in the big brother coffin (as opposed to any fanny in the BB house).
Literally the only good thing in the house is Lisa's utter delusions. And that is IT.

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