Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Big Brother 9: 'He's going to have to live with that'

Jen on Rachel: 'She smiles constantly.' That fucking sly cow, smiling! How dare she? Well done Jen for voting out the nicest people in the house. Are you thick as well as a cunt? Vote tactically, stupid. I was pleased Luke was barred from voting, although I didn't think he was talking about nominations... or was he? I thought he was just being a sarky bastard.
Rebecca stripping off mid-afternoon! Bloody hell. Does she need a new trick, or what? The imprint on the glass was funny though. Loved Lisa's nominating, especially as she voted for the enemy lines. Mario's voting for Rex was hilarious. But why did Mario vote for the goodies? TRIP HAZARD!
I think Luke might be talking bollocks- 'if you have been to jail you're not allowed to vote.' That sounds like rubbish to me. When you're in jail, yeah, but not after. You don't get branded for life and made to wear stripey pyjamas.
The way Rebecca went off on Mohamed was disgusting. She needs an ASBO slapping on her. Rex: 'That bitch is crazy.' Correct. Her hair is looking proper Grotbags-stylee now. I can't believe she cut Mo's belt in half. That's criminal damage! Imagine if he did that to something of hers? I'd knock her out for considerably less. Did Alex bite Sylvia and give her cunt-disease and then Sylvia bit Rebecca on the way out, because Rebecca never used to be like this. She'll be thrown out next (I certainly hope). I can only conclude... racist!
WHAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT REBECCA TO DESTROY SOMEONE'S PROPERTY? You fucking div. Why doesn't someone else stand up to her? Rex calling her a disgusting monster behind her back is one thing but someone needs to call her out. I can't believe Rex
doesn't stand up for Mo more.
Rebecca a size 12? Where does she buy her clothes, La-La Land?
And that's it from me! I'm surrounded by boxes and off to live in a shoebox on my own. When I will be back will depend on BT, a cheap broadband provider and maybe a grotty internet cafe if I get desperate and it all kicks off. See you soon!

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