Monday, 28 July 2008

Big Brother 9: 'I'd Swap you for Scrabble'

'If there's any fanny in there... I'm gonna nail it'. Still the quote of the series so far- until tonight!
Hehe, I like the fact Lisa was being mean to Kat and Rachel, it's good! Rachel and Kat are totally ostracised in that house at the moment. HAPPY HAPPY HOUSE! Dickheads. I enjoyed seeing Kat crack. Bring Rebecca back!
I love the nomination pod thing: it's a dastardly way to fuck over the nicey-nice people. Put the favourites up! Good plan. I liked hearing them discuss that, it was good fun, like when you get to hear what people are thinking in Eastenders when they do a two-hander sometimes. Luke looked sickened!
I don't want Luke or Darnell to go up! I was pleased Stuart said he wasn't going to vote that way. I like Stuart quite a bit more lately. I just have to try and forget about Princess Manky Teeth and her reign of terror, hard as it is.
Showing the video tapes was amazing. Dale's was pure class. If only PMT WAS still in there for that. He's not a knob, you idiots, he just said it to get on the show!
Maysoon: lives life on the edge! Yeah, on the straight-edge, you dullard.
Rachel's video: flirty, funny... silly. False advertising! Rex was harsh on her though. She's not a liar. She's just a bore. So what if she said 'shit'! It's hardly up there with Alex's 'pow pow pow', is it? They were a bit cruel to her when they came out.
LOVED Mikey saying 'this whole blind thing's just an act, I can see in my VT.'
Dale should have laughed when they quoted him on the 'fanny' thing. Him going 'no way' was ridiculous. Is he that thick he didn't remember? May did nothing in her video. She DID NOT sound like she was well into sex. Rachel did nothing wrong either. Rex was out of order. He totally has a massive grudge against her. I'd have stood up and told him to fuck off. Stand up for yourself! He is a complete bully. 'Caught red handed'- she didn't rape someone Rex, she just hadn't had her spirit broken by you at that point. Give the girl a break.
Having said that 'I'd swap you for Scrabble' was an absolute genius line, best so far, so all is forgiven.

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Anonymous said...

I said he was s bully!! I blogged it in week one, when everyone was busy calling Alex the bully. In the immortal words of Alex, "remember I told you!"

Have you heard about this week's nominations yet? It reeks of oh-shit-the-pod-idea-backfired-let's-lob-a-few-more-up-to-save-them. Tsk tsk.