Sunday, 20 July 2008


Even I'm bored of my Big Brother blogs, so let's talk randomly about something else.
I have recently fell IN LOVE with the Infadels song Free Things for Poor People. I imagined the singer as some lithe handsome indie boy, and actually he looks like a death metaller. But anyway, it's the catchiest song of the year so far, utterly cheesy but brilliantly poppy and singalong. I downloaded the rest of the album and was fairly unimpressed though. It did sound a bit like The Feeling.
Just edging it out of the way for single of the year though, is Bloc Party's Mercury, which is just so damn good! I think it's the best thing they've done for yonks and gets jammed in your head for days. I love their dancey stuff. I love their indie stuff too, but I think it's cool when bands I like go a bit techno. Unlike when they go country, Conor.
Talking of which... I heard two of Conor Oberst & The Mystic Valley Band's new songs which I thought were a bit crap (Danny Callahan & Souled Out) but then I downloaded these live tracks off of the brilliant to die by your side and I absolutely fell in love with them. I'm sure he played Money Lenders when I saw him with Bright Eyes, but it's just a really lush song, and the untitled one is lovely too. It made me fall in love with him all over again. But please, bring on the techno (or the screaming) again soon, Conor. I can only take so much of the straw chewing.
I'm also very much liking The Geeks Were Right by The Faint which you can hear on this fab blog here, if you feel that way inclined. (Look at me doing links and everything, you can tell I've got time on my hands).

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