Saturday, 19 January 2013

Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Those girls are no joke

What's this, a whole series recap?  I watched a bit of The Hills on Netflix last night and Spencer looked so different; like almost good looking but not. Like scary but at least suntanned and young. He was being his usual psycho self, though. He must have done some HARD LIVING between now and then. Was sad to see Heidi looking all normal. It's funny how much of an impact one person can have on you. Scary.
They've gone a bit overboard with that fake snow in the Big Brother garden today, haven't they?
Rylan to Heidi: 'what colour's your hair naturally, mousy brown?' Oops.
Rylan boo-wooing about being too famous to shop because of being mobbed. Have you tried shopping online? Nothing worse than celebrities moaning about people coming up to them. You know what you signed up for.
Heidi, you're suitably dressed. Why is she being teacher's pet now? Spencer is NEVER suitably attired; he looks like he dresses out of Primark. Spencer doesn't like Heidi being told what to wear, I saw him start on someone out of The Hills on it.
A hot tub is no place to have a bath. Would be fun to do that in the snow! Obviously not much happened yesterday as we're dwelling on people having a wash for an hour.
Someone said Spontag never do any housework, but Heidi is sweeping! She's a veritable Cinderella. I don't like this new meek Spontag.
How did Heidi and Spencer get to be 'team captains?' Was it after a call to Saul again? I want Spontag tortured!
This is a horrible task. This is more I'm a Celebrity bullcrap as far as I'm concerned. This task is creeping me out. Eww, seagulls. Dinosaur eyes.
Why are they playing the 28 Days Later music leading up to eviction? Is there a zombie apocalypse coming? This dramatic music is quite good, it's making me feel a bit hyper. Is Spencer's granny hoodie his eviction outfit?
Spontag and Rylan looked REALLY shocked when Gillian went!
I like it when Heidi gets drunk and let's her hair down and dances like an idiot. Toadfish's dancing is funny, too. I love seeing people dancing on Big Brother. I would NEVER dance on TV.
Razor blew his 'a list' story of getting into restaurants with tales of getting the 'A1' seat on EasyJet.
Heidi and Spencer: 'the land of the free, the home of the brave exists... nowhere!'
Aw to Heidi going 'amen' to Rylan's passionate plea to be a parent. She's letting her real self show! Careful. Are Christians alright with gay parents? They're not really, are they. But anything for a vote.
What is 'fabricated reality'? That boggles the mind. 
Could Spontag win it? I think they'll come second. It would be a great shock if they won it and quite good fun. Now if only I hadn't put that £50 bet on Rylan.

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Anonymous said...

I think they just give Razor the A1 seat cos he's so fat. Maybe Frankie cld just go in the one of the overhead luggage compartments?