Friday, 18 January 2013

Celebrity Big Brother 2013: He's from a different universe

No baying mob because of the snow? Oh well. I was sent home from work early today because of the snow, had a nap and dreamt that Heidi walked and Spencer stayed. Can't see that happening but it was interesting, at least. 
Spencer and Heidi are sitting in 'their' corner. Do you think you get the stink eye if you sit on their bit of the sofa? I do. USA! Etc.
Frankie is doing a 'one Mississippi' walk in the garden. He's got his ninja gear on again. He's probably going to go hide behind a plot plant.
There's some 'Sculptress' in the gym. That must be the female Maximuscle.
Tricia 'who's going to pick up the phone and vote?' No one for you.
Spencer is rocking a grey teacher fleece today. When you start wearing teacher fleeces before you're 30, where is there left to go sartorially? I'm glad they said, 'If it's not us, we want him to win' about Rylan. Spencer and Heidi are being persecuted by the seagulls now.
It's a bit duff coming out to no crowd, isn't it? I'd be worried if I lived in Borehamwood, I bet the crime rate is going to rocket tonight.
Brian's putting out the audition advert: I would rather die than be a Big Brother housemate. It's bad enough being famous for something decent and getting hassled, let alone getting hassled for nothing.
I'm not surprised people think Kylie's English, apparently Australia has deserted her. Is Pete Waterman from Pink Floyd? Er, no. WAS Toadie in Neighbours at the same time as Kylie? He's been in it long enough. 
I wonder why they're giving Toadie all this airtime? NEIGHBOURS! When did Razor and Rylan film these angel and devil bits? Of course Toadie's going to go with the angels.Neigh-bours. I can't understand what Rylan's saying. That task was stupid. Filler! It wasn't hard enough.
Brian's jacket is coming undone. No one even told him during the break.
So it's not a double eviction?
I think they are being a bit strict with Spontag and Gillian, that wasn't really noms talk, it was more silly banter. I've heard a million times worse than that go unpunished.
Loving Spencer's pearly king outfit. Are they eating jellied eels? Groo.
Haha, my friend Sarah loves Chas and Dave. That Hell party is a bit too 'red' for me. LOL to Spencer and Heidi singing to Chas and Dave. They should play Snooker Loopy next. That's the end of my Chas and Dave knowledge.
Razor's teaching Toadie and Rylan 'puffa fish' training: I thought he was meant to stop attacking people?
Heidi on first meeting Spencer: 'He's an angel. He's from a different universe. He's so kind.' Is she on drugs? When you're really in love, you don't have to go on about it all the time. You don't have to get married three times. You don't have to prove it.
WTF was going on with Claire and Rylan in the bathroom there?
Spencer giving Spontag career advice. Didn't he 'retire' because he was caught doing a coke? Frankie to Spencer: 'you're so amazingly talented.' As what? Chief troublemaker? What a load of old flannel.
Rylan's dying his ginger beard. Nooooo! I want to see him ginger.
Oh no, Spontag like everyone again now! Boo. Quick, do a task, fuck it up again. Heidi's 'regretful for a lot of the things she's said.' Is this gameplay? Reverse psychology! They'll be cursing them all tomorrow.
Have they told them there's no crowd? They don't seem to be reacting. They're all waving like they're Who Wants to Be a Millionaire contestants.
How is Tricia safe?! Who voted for her? Kathy was on our screens for 20 years as Ian Beale's matriarch. That's weird. Fuck me, Heidi and Spencer actually gave her a kiss goodbye. They are being civil for once!
Aw, Kaff's going out to no crowd. That's what you get for doing NOTHING. You can blame the editing, and I do, but if she'd saying ANYTHING of interest it would have been shown.
Gillian's wrapped in an old throw. At least there was no one there to boo. I don't mind Gillian, she is boring, but she seems like a nice lady. I'm glad she didn't have to deal with the mob.
Don't worry, Gillian, you didn't get on anyone's nerves. You're also not there due to a rule break. But keep reading that autocue, Brian.
Why is she wrapped in that old throw, is her dress busted? How are they going to make this interview interesting?
I don't think Ryan is very popular in that house. Hanging up washing?! What sort of reason is that to future nominate?
Where is the visual evidence of Toadfish 'liking to keep fit'? He doesn't look very ripped to me.
Brian: 'we've seen it all, Gillian.' No, Brian, we haven't.
Gillian revealed Spencer and Heidi 'wouldn't separate for the tasks so things had to be changed.' What IS this?!Who's running this show?
Word association! Is this what it's all come to? Fuck me, these best bits are boring. Worst episode of this CBB yet. Cry bye, baby, cry bye.
We could really have done with a double eviction tonight. Wednesday is not such a good day for it, as I can't drink and stay up late bitching about it.
So it's vote to win now! No more noms. That's so rubbish. Nominations are one of the best bits. A week is too long to have no nominations. But should I really be surprised that BB have fucked it up again? Snow joke. Has anyone even made a snowman yet? Aiiiiiiisssssssh!

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