Sunday, 13 January 2013

Celebrity Big Brother 2013: They're just extras

Ryan's such a drama queen! You've got to love it, though.
How come Spencer and Heidi always get up so early! It's like they want to pack as much evil into the day as humanly possible. Mocking Toadfish for doing lightweight weights, ha.
Heidi: 'You're lucky anyone even wants to put your frog face on TV.' Spencer: 'It's a 'toad'. I think what I like about watching Spencer and Heidi is they say the sort of nasty shit  I say watching it.
Sam came off like a charming tosser on BOTS last night didn't he? It was disgraceful what he said about fingering Lacey before he left. Didn't say a word in the house, then came out and acted like an utter sexist douche. And saying he wanted to 'do sex, drugs and rock and roll.' What is he, 15? He came across as an absolute prick.
Shitstir task again! They're stirring up that pot today, aren't they? Heidi's watching 24 hour live feed and she still can't get Lacey's name right.LOL to their 'they're just extras' speech. Too true!
Ha, Lacey thinks Claire was in S Club 7. No, they were quite good. She's getting her confused with that other fat sourpuss in a dressing gown, Jo O' Meara. Claire's in there for the money, end of story. Unfortunately, she's ruining what very little affection anyone had left for her. Faye Tozier must be writing her P45 as we speak.
Heidi: 'she tried on my SHOES?' They'll have to be sent to landfill now. Germs!
That's really horrible asking Claire about her worst feature. Mean BB! Razor swerved that question well, very gentlemanly. LOL, Rylan calling Tricia a drunk! That task served it's mean-spirited little purpose, didn't it?
Spencer's looking a bit twitchy and squinty today. It's good they got to watch the eviction.
Toadfish: enjoy those happy feelings, they're not going to last long. Bye Sam, you dick. I retract my vote for you yesterday. Vile. Fuck off. There's nothing worse than people who don't want to be in there and just coast around for the money. That's what Claire is trying to do, but she's about to come unstuck.
Why is Frankie telling the girls to 'take their make-up off and put their pyjamas on?' Is he their dad?
Spencer and Heidi didn't shake it up when they went back in there; Rylan did!
Claire should have just apologised IMMEDIATELY. Just hold your hands up, say you've been caught out, and you were out of order. Even if you don't mean it, just say it and not come off like a cock.
Rylan, you DO play up to the cameras! 'Fuck off back to America.' Racist!
'Nice to see you.'
Rylan took the pathetic way out in that argument as well: 'everyone else was doing it.' That's how Hitler rallied the troops, wasn't it?
Spencer to Rylan: 'you can't be a real person.' He's not been to Essex, has he?
Claire's keeping her head down! How does she keep her hair that colour? I wish my hair was that colour. You're right, you should have known better. All of you should have. Now just say 'sorry, we shouldn't have said it and it must have been hard to watch, but you are kind of pricks.'
Gillian washing up fence-sitting! You can tell more by looking at the fence-sitters than the ones kicking off. My boyfriend pointed out that Frankie camoflagued himself under the kitchen worktops. That's good fence-sitting, chameleon fence-sitting. 
Tricia: 'why have you gone for Claire?' Perhaps not one to ask at this point. Spencer and Heidi have a graph of all the different levels of hate towards them. And all the different ways they're going to get them back.
When Heidi said Gillian 'didn't say one word' did she mean about them, or just in general? Could be either. 
Razor and Toadfish think it's all a great laugh, let's see how long that lasts.
Rylan's having an emotional breakdown. Come on Rylan, ramp up the waterworks! All Rylan cares about is how it's affecting his game and how he looks to the public. It's not about him, it's about Spencer and Heidi. Rylan's giving off a big General Zod vibe tonight.
Spencer 'is not kissing Heidi for the benefit of the group.' I don't believe him! He's just spinning it. He said he doesn't even kiss his own mum. Mind you, I don't think I do, either. I do kiss my boyfriend, though. On his birthday.
At least Claire apologised. Toadfish: 'so you do kiss each other?' He wasn't trying to 'lighten the mood', he was being spiteful. He didn't say it in a jokey way at all. I actually find him quite sly and I can barely stand to look at him anymore. He's got an agenda bigger than Spieidi's.
Spencer and Heidi weren't even being nasty when Razor kicked off! He just puffed up like a puffa fish, all aggressive! I think he just wanted a row. Heidi: 'Let's get security in here!' She knows the drill! Hilarious. Kick Razor out, lol. At least he's finally done something worth commenting on.
I wouldn't like Razor coming at me like that, it's quite intimidating. Heidi and Spencer aren't bullying, they're just having their say. They've listened to people slag them off for two days; are they meant to come back in and say nothing?
Rylan enjoyed it when Razor kicked off. Toadfish is lying that he was trying to lighten the moment. Having an opinion is not BULLYING.
Razor going back into the house: 'he won't say nothing, he's shit himself.' THAT'S the Razor I'm waiting to see. Spencer does look a bit cowed.
My boyfriend on the Spontags: 'they're not so much a couple as a military unit.'
What is this rule about 'shouting' on Big Brother? Big Brother is all about shouting. Big Brother should be 50% shouting at all times. Did they give him a warning? His mum will be shocked... I doubt it.
Claire shifting the blame again! What a coward. Just admit you're a bitch. Stop dropping other people in it, you cow. Take responsibility.
Toadfish's apology was even snarky. I can't stand this bloke, he's the most underhand person in the house, and that's saying something.
I'm like Rylan in that I get mad when people won't stick up for me, but the fact is, he started that argument, so why should they?! If he's not learnt that the house will always be 80% fencesitters, he's obviously never seen Big Brother before.
Spencer is concerned about their safety. I LOVE it when Americans start asking to speak to their lawyers. It was like the twins last year. That's not how Big Brother works, Spencer. Now stop being a drama queen, it's like he's trying to outdo Rylan.
'Backtrack, backtrack... it was all said in jest... whatever.' Rylan is doing some serious histrionics here. 'I'd like to forgive and forget... but I don't I think I can.'
Was this next DR entry filmed AFTER the chat with the lawyers? Heidi and Spencer skulking back down to the basement! Are they just going to live there the whole time? They don't even kiss and hug down there, do they. I doubt they even spoon at night.
Big Brother doesn't tolerate violent or threatening behaviour! CONOR CONOR CONOR CONOR! You fucking lying bastards. Or is it only threatened violence against women that's allowed. Knobs. Sort your show out, you mugs.

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