Thursday, 10 January 2013

Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Basement Pratts

For once I don't know who's up for nomination as I've been ill asleep most of the day so have avoided any spoilers. I do like the twist, but it is 'engineering'; it was quite nice when Spencer and Heidi were getting on with the others in a way. And it's obvious people are going to bitch when you're not around anymore. So in a way, the whole thing is a bit of a stitch up. But I guess that's the name of the game now. I liked Heidi's softer side, such as it was (like when she was exchanging gifts with Paula), but let's face it, it's impossible to know who or what Spencer really are and what they really think, so we might as well suck it up and enjoy the drama. In a way it's sad that once again Spencer and Heidi are being ostracised, even for a task. I think it's good for them to integrate with normal humans.
Paula: 'I thought I was going to come into a bunch of plastic people relying on their talent.' No, no talent here. They're wrapping this eviction up early on in the show which gives me some hope that shit kicks off later.
My boyfriend made a good point that if Spencer and Heidi really wanted to leave they'd make them wait overnight, like they always do. God, Heidi's voice! It could make a shy bald Buddhist repent and commit a mass murder. What did Razor mutter under his breath then? And why wasn't it subtitled?
Heidi's doing some good actressing here! You can see why she did so well on The Hills. 'Lacey, why didn't you save me?'
Rylan's onto it! He's not stupid. If he knows what's what, just don't slag off Spencer and Heidi and you win.
So how did they fit that basement up with the starts and stripes and the Pomeranian pics so quickly? It doesn't look that luxury to me. Spencer and Heidi looking at the pictures of their dogs was probably the most honest moment I've ever seen out of them. They actually seemed like real people just for one second.
Rylan: 'there's something going on here, my head hurts.'
Spencer, don't sacrifice anymore of your dignity, for God's sake, there's only 0.0001% of it left.
Rylan telling them to go... whoops! I think he meant that in a nice way, but it's going to be turned on it's head by everyone. Just smash through the door like when John James went running through the camera runs! That was funny. That WAS the fire door that John James went through. Spencer should have kicked it!
LOL to them kissing the America flag. Heidi found it funny when Claire was slagging Spencer off. It was interesting what they said about them not kissing. It's true, they're not very romantic. I can't imagine them having sex in the basement, can you?
Poor Paula's leaving has been rather overshadowed, hasn't it?
Heidi nodded when Sam said 'their life sounded hideous.' Yay, they're turning on Toadfish! He was their champion yesterday. I've never heard Toadfish bitching before! You've got to be a bit more wily, Toadie. We've seen this task a million times. We think Sam knows and is saying 'the right thing', and we think Rylan knows, too. Toadfish is just too stupid to see what's right in front of his nose.
I like the way Heidi just thrust the glass of wine at Spencer. My boyfriend has now gone to get a glass of wine; advertising!
So they're doing live nominations at 1am? Face to face! So who are the easy options to do face to face? They can't put up too many favourites or they'll lose them. I think Lacey's vulnerable and possibly one of the old dears? I hope no one is going to do 'The Situation' shuffle with the cards and cheat.
Toadfish nommed Sam! Strategy! Not a 'housework' vote. Zzzz. I hate that, it's such a cop out vote. Boooooo indeed! Toadfish also nominated Rylan! Then Heidi stuck up for Rylan! Heidi: 'Toadface...Toadjerk.' LOL. What about the vows? Ah the vows was just a public thing, now they're gone he's showing his true Toady colours. Spencer and Heidi are racing towards the final at this rate.
What are these 'singing games'!? Why is everyone nominating Sam? He seems pretty inoffensive.
Tricia nominated Razor for snoring. It's not his fault.
Heidi slagged Razor off and then stuck up for him in the space of about two seconds. Claire's face when Sam nominated her. I like his nominations! Why is Kaff crying her eyes out? Drop me out.
Why is Sam wearing red leggings?
Line of the series so far: 'Shut up, Toadman.' Sam is getting nominated because he's the easy vote! Booo!
Even when Heidi and Spencer kissed and went 'hey sister' they still barely kissed. I feel sorry for Sam now. We think C5 will want Toadfish to stay because they're plugging neighbours, but hopefully the voters will get wise and do the opposite like we did with Aaron (of Aaron and Faye fame) after they bashed him on BOTS night after night.
Toadfish looks upset he's up! I'm surprised there's so much hate for him, so much for 'the funniest guy ever'. Claire's nomination reason for him was: 'even when they gym wasn't open he was exercising and something from my past brings back bad memories.' What the fuck sort of reason is that for nomination someone?! Sorry about that, Claire. Sorry for exercising. Weirdest nomination reason EVER. Psychotic. That would NOT be accepted in the Diary Room.
Don't worry about 'being left at the end' Gillian. Toadfish's exercising is costing him dearly. He doesn't look very fit for someone who's always exercising.  He just looks like a spudhead.
Heidi and Spencer change their minds every two minutes about who they like! Frankie nominated Razor! Brave.
Save Sam! I think he's vulnerable in a head-to-head with Toadie. I'll forgive him for trollop gate.
LOL Toadie, all your toadying didn't pay off. I'm surprised Lacey wasn't up. Sam's suddenly become a lot more interesting because he can form an alliance with Heidi and Spencer.
Spencer: 'shut your little Toadfish mouth and go back Down Under.' This who's real/ who's fake talk is bending my mind. So fake they're real. I fake it so real I am beyond fake. Oh, Heidi and Spencer. I really hope you come second. You're amazing.
The most fun Spencer has had on a reality show is spying on people. Spencer's missing some good shit here that Heidi's watching. Liked Spencer's comment on the kissing, 'what are you Claire, some sort of perv?'
These housemates are thick as shit. Tricia: 'I'm glad they're gone.' Can anyone be this stupid to say that? Has she never watched Big brother before and seen a secret task? Claire: 'no one can be that naive' about Spencer and Heidi. You'd be surprised, Claire, you'd be surprised.

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