Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Double eviction - deadwood cleared out

Double eviction! Get Speidi out chant from the mob. I just voted to save Rylan and Speidi. I just watched a bit of The Hills before Spencer even joined the show and Heidi was being an arsehole, so that's my research complete. At least she looked like a humanoid, though.
Ooh, the snow looks quite nice. Eastenders would pay the big bucks for that.
Toadie is being a grump about Rylan waking him up in the night. 'I know you're having a ball' means 'I'm not having a ball so STFU.' Spencer sarcastically: 'he's here for the experience.' Haha. Yeah, just like you are. They are ALL THERE for the cheque. I haven't liked Toadfish from day one, he's so sanctimonious. I don't feel sorry for him when he's crying. I don't feel sorry for him when he didn't get his letter. I don't think he's a big man for 'saying it to their face'. I just think he's a moaning old whingebag. I thought he'd be funny, laid back, chilled. He's just a dullard. So I guess that makes him a good actor, because from what I can remember, Toadfish was likeable.
Spencer is stirring the pot. He's got his grey teacher fleece on today. He's playing the game well. Toadie is going from group to group, carping. Haha, Tricia going 'Thanks, Spence.' What a mug! It's him who stopped you getting the letters in the first place. When Spencer's trying to play the nice guy, you know you're in trouble. Check your back for knives.
Ooh, Paula's back! I think Paula and Rylan will make a good team critiquing the others fashion. Spencer's not going to like someone commenting on Heidi's clothes, I saw him nearly punch someone for that on The Hills. Rylan said Spencer was dressed for 'a country walk with the dogs.' Ryan is NOT worse dressed than Spencer. I like Ryan's swallow t-shirt.
I like it on Big Brother US when they have to do a quick shopping spree by putting all the clothes on at once and they have to say how much they like all the different brands. They haven't done that for a while, actually.
Rylan's hair seems to have gone off the boil the past couple of days. I'm liking Tricia's hot pink heels. I like the fact they have to give Spontag champagne to make them participate in a task. Light pink isn't Tricia's colour, I'm afraid. Aw, was quite nice to give mad Paula her moment of glory. She probably did well to get out when she did - Spontag at full throttle would have probably sent her to the nearest crackhouse. Let's face it, we've all considered it.
First eviction! I have NO IDEA who is going. That's unusual. Frankie's always got sweaty armpits. Heidi's waving like the queen. Toadie's shocked to get boos. Ooh, Frankie's out! That's what you get for trying to blend into the furniture. You could have been a really great housemate. He looks thrilled to be leaving, to be honest. Aw, was cute when he jumped on Razor's back. I personally like Frankie better than everyone in that house bar Rylan and Spontag (in their own way).
I like Frankie's furry collar. Oh he's moaning about being bored in the house. Boo woo. How much did you get paid for it? Enough to go have a good evening or two, let's put it that way.
Frankie: 'I kept away from the friction.' No kidding.
Why are they showing Frankie Spontag's highlights? 'Dick-tator' still makes me laugh. Kind of a bad buzz showing Frankie those clips. I was glad Brian dug Frankie out for fencesitting a bit, but I feel a bit sorry for Frankie that he didn't get the cosy experience he was expecting. In another year he could probably have won it, he's a lot nicer than Paddy Doherty, Denise Welch or Ulrika.
Frankie's getting good music for his highlights; Mr. Brightside. Should have been Karma Chameleon. Now you see him, now you don't!
LOL, Frankie wants Razor out next so he can have a drink with him. That's pretty funny. I think he just wants Razor because he's useful for chopping up cocaine.
Is Heidi drunk? She loves Paula and Spencer 'infinitely'. Love isn't about sacrificing things for someone. 'I want to beam you right up into my something.' Goodness me!
Toadie's dancing: amaze. What the hell is this music! Heidi's doing her naughty dancing again.
Stop press, Spencer in the DR alone! Where's Heidi?! In the loo? Oh, hovering outside. Bragging about his sex life. Eww. I wish I was as much of a fun drunk as Heidi. She's frisky after almost a decade of teacher fleeces.
Jenny Powell doing the Health Lottery tonight. Did you know she's a stand up comedian now? That's not even a joke.
Ryan is pissed off he's getting boos. Haha. Hope he's out next. Oh, it's Tricia. Well, that's about a week overdue. Second favourite to win, my arse. She couldn't even win a 'spot the 20th most famous person to ever come out of Heartbeat' competition.
Is Brian saying he wanted her to be more like Denise? Does he mean stripping off? Why is Brian digging everyone out tonight? Bet he doesn't dare dig out Spontag. What's Spencer's eviction outfit going to be? What's the poshest brand of fleece you can buy?
Is Tricia so stupid that she thinks Heidi and Spencer aren't entertaining?
Brian said 'they actually have us gripped watching the show.' But it sounded like he said 'they actually have a script during the show.'
To be fair, Tricia did have a go at Spontag a couple of times, barely, but more than say, Frankie did. Brian: 'why didn't you have a go at them more?' Why didn't you put more interesting housemates in there? Oh god, 'we're mums' - put a sock in it.
I thought Brian was a bit snarky with Tricia. Mind you, if the best she had was her Cilla Black impression, then there's the door, see you later. How much do you think they paid her? I reckon about ten grand.
Two floaters out tonight; where will the ship sail to tomorrow? Whatever happens, you know Captain Rylan's got this in the bag. I fucking hope so anyway. Spontag for second place. The rest can go spin.

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