Monday, 7 January 2013

Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Nom-cry

Hello, I've been out drinking woo woo's so who knows how this will go. So I already know who's up for nomination because I watched BOTS, and I'm pretty sure Psycho Kid and his moll will survive up against Paula. Why do they get up so early in the morning? WTF is he doing in the garden? Heidi 'likes everyone'. Only if Spencer says so. I like the fact they have collective and not individual nerves to get on. These two are one piece of work. Spencer is such a kiss arse, pretending he's interested in Frankie's plane crash. Spencer is only interested in one thing; mind control. Alivina the chipmunk is excited about nominations. She'll be excited when she gets all ten votes.
Paula crashed her car 'to avoid Bambi.' Yeah, OK. Frankie 'allegedly' failed the drug test. Doesn't seem like there's much allegedly about it.
People who make anagrams out of words i.e. 'bitch' bore me senseless. Same with people who quote things, talk in proverbs or riddles. Just come up with something original, you drongo, as Toadfish would say. You dags!
Rylan is going to be hammy about nominations, isn't he? Ham, ham, ham. He needs to cool it a bit. Nominating Lacey equals eliminating the competition for Sam! He doesn't like Lacey interrupting 'serious conversations.' What serious conversations is Rylan having? The abortion limit? Quantitative easing? Syria?
Sam doesn't like the middle-aged harridans. Fair enough. He's just as dull, he's just prettier.
Interesting hearing Gillian talk as I don't think I've heard a word out of her yet. She didn't nominate Heidi and Spencer for genuine reasons. Just say they're arseholes. I like her voice.
Tricia nominated Sam. It's like the bland leading the bland. Paula is fucking boring. Me, me, me, me. Namedrop, namedrop, namedrop. Get rid! Interesting Lacy nominated Claire. I wonder what's going on there?
I like Paula describing Heidi and Spencer as caviler. That's a good word to describe them. Sam's getting a decent amount of nominations for someone so inoffensive. Maybe his inoffensiveness is offensive.
Paula: 'I've got an amazing nose.' Claire is doing some good 'harrumphing'. Probably not good to criticise someone's cooking mid-nominations, Paula. Claire is doing a nom-cry. She seems quite depressed in general. Paula is just plain annoying. I can't imagine anyone voting to save her.
I miss Toadfish's mohawk. He's probably not had it for about 15 years. Ah, Razor is one of those 'I'm trying to sleep' nominators, ie. a killjoy.
Is Heidi going to get to speak during these nominations? Oh, she did. That was gracious of him.
I like the way they gave out the numbers for the nominations, that put a nice little spin on it. They do that on the Australian show, too and it shit-stirs quite well. I think Spencer might go a bit 'Incredible Hulk' now.
Spencer has 'a feeling we're going to win.' Hmm. Not sure about that. 'The universe is quite strange.' True.
LOL to Rylan pretending to be in a relationship with David Beckham. 'Dave, give me a break.' Rylan: 'He could do worse.' Razor: 'He has.' Haha. Take that, Posh!
Paula: 'I'm going to pack and go now.' Fuck off then, you old toad. I'm tired of her histrionics already. She's such a martyr. She IS like Jasmine Leonard's mum.
Spencer whispering in Heidi's ear that no one likes her. Control freak alert! No one likes YOU, gimp.
Paula: 'this is going to affect my brand.' What brand? Toothless alcoholic?
Paula's going to 'jump the wall.' I hear members of Steps make good stepladders. Probably H is more useful than Claire, though. Paula: 'Big Brother, you've ruined my life.' Big Brother didn't vote for you, you old soak. It was your housemates!
Rylan: 'chop me out, drop me out': Stop it!
Paula to Big Brother: 'Stop talking like that, talk in your normal voice.' The Australian Big Brother would have no truck with that! When he gets pissed off with the housemates, he just sets the DR door to open automatically, it's so good.
What 'products' did Paula want to launch? Sheepskin coats? God, she's so spoilt. I can't bear it. 'I was really into helping you making this a great show.' Don't flatter yourself, you ninny.
Spencer is right in a way, it is in our hands, but the more he brags about being saved, the less people will vote for his annoying plate-face and his blow-up wife.
You don't have to be 'highly intelligent' to work out you're going home, Paula. Even Lacey could work it out. I think Paula is highly narcissistic. She's damaged goods, completely. It's a bit sick having her in there in a way, but no sicker than Trevor and Little Mo.
Is that fleece part of Spencer's own wardrobe? 'Magic kiss'? I'll pass.
Why is Paula blaming the women in the house for nominating her? Batshit crazy, that's why. She needs to get her head out of her arse. And off my screen. G'night!

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Anonymous said...

Paula Hamilton was the only one in there that was a real celeb not like the other wanna bees the woman has been around a long time and done so so much more on life she's a good sport she's done things in life no doubt like others but puts things behind her in my eyes she's fab leave her alone sad act !!!