Saturday, 17 November 2007

I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!- Men and Women

It's taken me a while to write this as I was suffering from the after effects of too much vodka at the Morrissey night. But how could I let Rodney Marsh's comments pass without comment?
His ludicrous argument that men and women aren't equal because 'women haven't invented anything' is dim in the extreme. But actually, you're right, Rodney, men and women AREN'T equal. Women don't start wars. Women rarely rape and murder. Women rarely sexually abuse children. So you can keep your toaster, or your lightbulb or whatever you invented: I'd rather be of the sex who lives in peace. I'd rather be non-threatening.
Men and women AREN'T equal: men can't give birth, so without women, the human race would be history. So in fact women are superior. But men and women SHOULD be treated equally. That is what feminism is, fighting for those rights. Rodney clearly has no respect for women, and the women in the camp let themselves down by not taking him to task for his out-dated views. The viewing public also missed the opportunity to stick it to him by voting for him to do the trial.
'I wouldn't fly on a plane with two women pilots': for God's sake! I cant believe people still say things like that. 'Women have no sense of humour'- Janice Dickinson has made me laugh repeatedly on the show. Rodney: not once.

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