Monday, 12 November 2007

Corrie/ Enders Sandwich

If Corrie's the bread, it's Warburtons, and if Eastenders is the meat, it's Spam! Spam, spam, spam.
Corrie was quite funny, with Rosie in full on porno mode. Did they deliberately dress Dev-daughter and her friend in dowdy grey in comparison to Rosie's 50s hussy look? Rosie needs to lose that caked on fake tan though, it's disgusting! Bring back the goth! You can do sexy goth. Sexy goth works! Ooh, someone even mentioned she used to be a goth too! I'm glad she didn't deny her goth roots. I bet she still listens to Cradle of Filth on the sly.
In Eastendersville we were tortured by the jointly-shit hairdo and acting combination of Stephen. Not too sure why Pat is defending psycho-boy- 'he's your family, you can't wash your hands of him'- um, I'd say shooting your wife was a pretty good reason to bump someone from the Christmas Card list.
The whole Jase thing is beyond me: why do Dawn and Roxy fancy him when he looks like a tramp who found a rank paisley shirt in a skip? Why was Dawn wearing her underwear out? What's happening with the mob? I don't know, I don't care. It's not exactly The Sopranos is it? It's not exactly mini-Den is it? Why did they kill mini-Den? Bring him back from the dead Harold Bishop stylee!
I wish they'd restore Pauline's old house to it's grotty grey glory. It just looks too generic now. I forget it's even the same place.
Why are the non-scary gangsters going to do over the Vic? What's that got to do with Jase? I wish I'd paid more attention now. Well, not really. Cos it's SHIT!
And onto Corrie again. Michelle seems to have been using the same nuclear shade of foundation as Rosie: 'Jodie Marsh 101'. Step away from the orange! Pale is beautiful.
Jason's wedding speech: 'it's not the sea lions fault: he's only human.' WHAT??? That makes NO sense. Kill the writers!
Do I care about the ugly family who run the kebab shop? NO! Nor does anyone!
Yeah. The second half was pretty disappointing. Maybe it was Sunblest after all.

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