Thursday, 15 November 2007

I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!- Bring Back Gaffney!

Beppe's brother: dirty dog! If I was his girlfriend I'd cut his dick off. That putting his arm round her thing had echoes of Chantelle and Preston and we know how THAT ended up. Run Cerys! He's s sleaze. She didn't look happy when he was comforting Katie. If they are flirting this much on day three, I wouldn't trust him let lose in a nightclub. No wonder someone bit his face.
Katie did very well in the task, she's one hard arse. I found it very frightening, the music alone freaked me! Proper horror movie.
Arch feminist Lynn decided to sleep in the treehouse with king chauvinist Rodney. She proved that she wanted to make the world equal by propping her fat arse against a branch and watching him build the steps to the treehouse. She further added to the feminist's cause by saying she felt 'protected and safe'. You go, girlfriend!
REAL feminist ball-breaker Janice continued to get a raw deal from the camp. I liked her delusion that we were voting her for the tasks because 'she was the most famous'.
I was glad everyone started to hate Lynn! Good! Too many cooks spoil the broth. Victor Meldrew chef is damn rude. I'd smack him one. They are a loathsome bunch! Janice to win! Stop voting for her to do the trials, you thick fuckers! She's shit at them! Biggins did alright. She was brave/annoying in the face of torture. Bet she wished she'd felt up the rats instead.

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