Sunday, 11 November 2007

The Secret Millionaire

I loved this programme when it was on last year: I found it genuinely heart-warming. My boyfriend says there is something a bit distasteful about this rich person deeming who is worthy of help: but I say fuck it, they don't have to help ANYONE, (and I'm sure many millionaires don't) so good on them.
Gill Fielding went from being poor to having fifteen million as a 'wealth creator'- sounds pretty good. She went back to the East End of London where she grew up and pretended she was making a documentary about that area, whilst looking for likely anti-victims to give a wedge of cash to.
It was a bit of cringeworthy when she was in the shop going 'It's fun not to have money! How much is a pint of milk?'. But I liked her direct style of getting a job in a cafe then asking all the customers 'are you managing financially?' They weird part was, they all went 'yes' which showed that even poor people are proud. Good on them.
Jill got involved with a woman who helps deprived families and a local ailing theatre school. I really am amazed by people who genuinely go out of their way to do good for others, and seek no thanks for it. You don't think people like that exist anymore. But they do, and most don't get visited by a secret millionaire. They just go on slaving.
I was shocked when Gill said she spent £20,000 a month on 'knick-knackery'. Wowee, those must be some knick-knacks. There must be such a fear of being poor though, once you're rich.
I just cried solidly for the last half hour of the show. I'm such a baby. It's just so rare to see something on TV which actually acknowledges and rewards kindness. It reminds me of Faking It in a way, as that was also inspirational TV as opposed to the lowest common denominator of cruelty.
She was very generous too, sometimes I've seen them only give people ten grand or something, but she put £80,000 deposits on houses for people! And she sent a kid to stage school for five years. Good on her. Proper good stuff. Watch the rest of the series!

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