Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Film Review: Ratatouille

We went to out for a bit of high culture tonight as it's Orange Wednesdays (ie. cheapo night). Always a fan of fascist, sexist Disney, nothing really touches Finding Nemoid. Rats and cookery aren't exactly my two favourite subjects and I was slightly concerned that the rat was going to be a little smart arse, but he wasn't too bad. I was also a bit alarmed at the grannies use of firearms within the first ten minutes (god bless America); it seemed a slighty excessive pest control method. I was also a bit bemused that the film was set in Paris but the rats had American accents (and they could speak! What the fuck?) Typically there was an English baddie. Boo!
The animation was pretty damn good, but the humans just seemed creepy, considering they got quite a lot of air time. I enjoyed the ghostly chef and the fact he admitted he was a figment of Remy's (the rat) imagination. I found the whole controlling the chef by his hair thing slightly strange but I went along with it. There were also a couple of risque jokes thrown in for the 'oldies' (puke).
All in all, it was an enjoyable film, not boring at all, and with a couple of laughs, but not dazzlingly beautiful or charming (as Nemo was).
The 'moral of the story' (puke again) seemed to be that it's OK if there's a rat in your kitchen, in fact, let it knock up a meal for you. Bizarreness.

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