Wednesday, 21 November 2007

The Secret Millionaire

I was a bit disappointed with The Secret Millionaire last week. The guy was a bit annoying, even if he did restore Morrissey's favourite Salford Lad's Club.
This week featured a 26 year old self-made multi-millionaire called Ben. Great. make me feel good about earning a pittance. He was quite posh though, so I think daddy probably gave him a bung somewhere along the line. Still, not wanting to be an inverted snob, I gave him a chance. He lives in Mayfair but went to Hackney to try and get shot... er, help. 32 people were murdered there last year. Woo hoo!
Ben volunteered at a youth club. Ben was a crap liar. Some young chav asked him what he did for a living and he nearly cracked! The youth of Hackney didn't seem too bad really. They just needed a cuddle, like David Cameron said. And he just needs a face transplant. But I digress!
Hold up! About halfway through I noticed Ben suddenly had a black eye! He didn't have a black eye at the start! How did this happen? Why no explanation? I guess whoever did that aint going to be getting a windfall. Haha!
It was really wonderful when he gave the youth centre 20K and the guy just broke down in tears and hugged him. That guy worked for free just to support the kids who went there. He gave 10K to a guy who wanted to be a fashion designer. It was lovely when he visited the family as they seemed so close and such lovely people and he offered to pay for their wedding! I don't think the bloke wanted to get married! Still, they'd been together for twenty years.
He didn't just give the cash and fuck off: he stayed involved in the community too.
All in all: feel-good factor equals ten. Posh people are nice! Yay!

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