Saturday, 24 November 2007

X Factor: Dead Dad returns!

Here we go again. I thought Beverley was very shrill. It didn't do it for me at all. Too shrieky. Same Difference did alright I thought; super cheesy but in tune mostly. He is a lot better than her. She needs to stop gurning. But apart from that, they are troupers. Their family seemed a bit touchy feely. I'm not really into all that.
Niki rolled out the dead dad again! Wrong! She sang the sort of ballad my mum used to play in the car. Her voice is good, there's just something unlikable about her (mainly self-pity). There is also something awkward about her when she performs.
I was pleased they played the Phantom of the Opera music again when they introduced Rhydian. I thought they'd stopped ripping the shit out of him when they didn't play it last week. Rhydian was back in full-on serial killer mode this week, shifty eyed and looking like he'd had a run in with an angry orange. The song he sang was dreadful, it had no tune at all. God knows why Dannii was crying I can only presume she was drunk or on her period. Hope were patchy but passionate. The other ones didnt sing a word, but the main girl did well and looked better now she's a reformed skunk.
I was disappointed Leon did swing. I hate swing! Still, on the plus side his hair has grown, and he didn't dance this week, so he looked HOT. Hurrah! He was in full on mini-josh-hartnett-with-manky-teeth mode, which works for me.
I enjoyed the end when Beverley went. I was glad Hope stayed as they are more interesting and I enjoyed Simon's gloating. Fuck you, Louis! You've only got Dead Dad now and you know she's no match for the angry orange.


Sheesh Kabeesh said...

Brilliant post. I've quoted you in my blog here:

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Sheesh Kabeesh said...

Hi Mary - thanks for allowing me to use your comments.

In answer to your question I am not related to Rhydian. He was just something to write start with. Now unfortunately I have an obsession.

You can't be that technically poor, you have some added widgets and blogrolls in your blog.

I am going to make you an offer.

I like your writing style very much and would like you to write pieces, thought pieces, wandering random thoughts all about the X Factor and Rhyd. Much as you do now really, although it could be fun if over time you started to like him. My idea would be for you to write 2 or 3 pieces a week which you can post here but I will post in my blog, verbatim, as 'Thoughts from Exitainment' or something like that.
In return I will make a design for your blog, nice picture heading, some widgets plus I will submit you to major blog searching engines that I know about and generally get you a bit more noticed. Which you should be. Your volume of visitors is not bad but from looking at your stats they don't hang around much.

What do you say.

If you want to go ahead, and have me do you a design I obviously would need a little input from you, on pisture for heading, fonyt, colours etc.

If this doesn't sway you - I can send you loads of Smiths bootlegs if you want.


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