Monday, 26 November 2007

I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! - All Filler

Well now most of the 'big personalities' (i.e. shit stirrers) have gone they are desperately padding out the show. Let's show them talking about life in camp! Lets show them sweeping up! Zzzzzz.
How many more times do we need to hear about Mark and Cerys' romance? Bloody hell. Ship him back in or shut up about it. YAWN. In light of him just being revealed as a (possible?) wife beater the wedding talk was a bit galling.
I quite enjoyed the ghost train task with J and Gemma competing for the most monotone accent... I mean, for the stars. I liked her getting a bunch of sludge in her lap. Bless her moaning about the evil British press. Well if you will have blow up boobs and no personality, what else are they gonna write about, m'dear?
I felt sorry for Janice tonight! Anna Ryder-blah-blah-blah has got a cheek calling Janice an OAP, she's about her age. I was pleased she went because they were all getting way too smug and comfy. She had done nothing to deserve being there on the last day, so good riddance. Janice needs someone to bounce off! Janice to win.

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