Saturday, 17 November 2007

I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here- 'He's an old prick'

I love the mix of people in Celeb this year, in that for the post part, they are such a bunch of cunts it's hard to choose who you hate the most. Lynn and Rodney are in joint first place for me. Lynn's passive-agressive martyrdom or Rodney's boorish sexism? It's a toughie.
John started off the day by shouting at people to be nice to each other. Fab. Then he did a bizarre rap and Rodney said 'you've lost votes, thats what black people do.' (a very dubious comment!) Lynn said you're not allowed to say 'black', you have to say Afro-Carribean. Stupid bitch. Even so, I give it two days before Rodney gets kicked out, Jim Davidson stylee. He's a thick bully.
Loved the ostrich task- Lynn was super annoying (just shut up!), Janice gave her what for. Very funny.
The rest of the show was pretty dull: can you imagine how boring it will be at the end when it's Beppe's brother, Cerys, J and Hollyoaks Mute?
Ps. Kangaroos are not rodents. They are marsupials.

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