Thursday, 1 November 2007

Eastenders: Ginger Wedding Horror

Another day, another miserable bride. I didn't like Stacey's dress either. It was too tight. She had that awful granny hairdo like Sarah from Corrie. The dressed-up Winehouse.
Bradley: 'She's too good for me. I can't believe my luck. the most beautiful girl in the Square' (well, next to Heather and that's about it). Has he been looking at the same hamster-faced Stacey as me for the past year or two? She hasn't smiled once, not even 'in the delight and tenderness of sexual union' (er... what sort of marriage vows are they?) with Max.
It was quite a tense Eastenders: well for the first 15 minutes or so. So it should be though, they've been building this storyline up for literally YEARS. There was still a fair bit of dross and filler.
Sean is hot, even though he looks like a maniac teddy bear. I definitely have a soft spot for gingers. Stacey's mum needs shooting.
I liked it when Stacey ran off into the little room and all her ginger men crowded in after her. 'She's hysterical.' said Max. But she wasn't. Max, you rat! I liked it when he said sorry. There was a continuity error when he unzipped Stacey's dress then it was zipped again. Also, 'I'm going to get changed in the car'. What!?
The question is this: why did Lauren leave a video camera taping in her mum and dad's BEDROOM? That's a bit weird isn't it? And also, was that the longest videotape EVER?
Still it drags on. Still we watch.

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