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Big Brother UK 2017: What are you here for?

Lotan got ejected, Lotan got ejected! Woo! At least something fun happened this week.
Quite funny really seeing Lotan and Tom's last wake up time together. Aw. Talk about bum chums, and I use that in the most sex positive way. Tom saying Lotan's hard on was sticking in his back all night. I'm sure.
Raph and Deborah moaning about the clique. The idiot boys said they were going to 'Casper' Isabelle. Isabelle can't Casper them back, but she can satsuma them. Sorry, I want to avoid Isabelle tan jokes from now on, but that was a last one for luck.
It's weird seeing night time japes on Big Brother, as you don't normally see them. Big Brother has called Savannah in to check if she was OK with the guys roughhousing on top of her. She says, 'boys will be boys.' Big Brother is just one long tell off now. 'Tom, you forced someone's genitals into close proximity with another human.' Tom thinks it was funny. I can't really tell what happened myself. But I remember Aaron Frew being chucked out for less and he was a decent bloke, unlike these absolute mugs.
Savannah is boasting about her LA life. Seeing Justin Bieber in a cafe. Oh, she's alluding to how she fucked him. Grim.
I never even knew Lotan had a son until tonight. This feels like a normal conversation in the Big Brother house. Weird. They are only showing it to build up to later, I guess.
What is Joe even saying to Raph? No one knows.
I like Isabelle joking that she's made the house miserable and she doesn't want to say sorry. Her eyebrows! I mean, the tan is one thing. But the eyebrows.
Ooh, nomination time. Looks like EVERYONE nominated Isabelle. Even the other newbie! Ellie 'doesn't know what her journey is.' Ellie, your journey is up Lotan's arsehole.
Ooh, Charlotte nominated Hannah! Eek.
All the people I like nommed Lotan. I like the way they've cut the noms in a way. I do like to hear all the noms, but I think it's quite entertaining seeing all the reasons for one person at the same time.
Tom is getting a few as well. I want Savannah to go as well, I can't stand her. At least Raph isn't up. Up is Tom, Hannah, Isabelle and Lotan. I like it when four are up, it feels tight. Will be three soon. Not Joe though! Bugging.
Hannah: 'If there's a point they want to prove, let it be proven.'
Lotan knew who was going up. Did he know he was going to throw his toys out of the pram and go too?
Chanelle thinks 'some of his own' have voted for Tom.
I love Isabelle nodding off while Ellie is talking. Hilarity. Chanelle doesn't like Isabelle being victimised. Yay, I like it when Chanelle stands up for her friends.
Lotan sneezing and going 'I'm allergic to bullshit.' Chanelle: 'You shouldn't be alive, you should be dead with all the bullshit you say.' Haaaaaa. Lotan: 'You just wished me dead.' No, she didn't. But I will, later in this blog.
I guess Big Brother got what they wanted with the shitstir task. Did we even get to hear the rules at all? They just have labels with slurs all over them, ha.
Her name is ISABELLE not Isabella. Lotan is so NASTY calling Isabelle 'princess'. He's so patronising. Big Brother throws a match into a firework factory and laughs. I think they'd probably had enough of Lotan, too.
Woah, the atmosphere in that house is terrible. Lotan is drunk and belligerent calling Chanelle a 'camera hungry bitch.' Raph looks like he wants to disappear into the couch.
Isabelle: 'You're being cocky cos you've had a drink' to Lotan.
Raph and Chanelle's 'bed buddies' scene about how much they loved each other in the middle of that was like calm in the eye of a storm.
Charlotte thinks Hannah's 'petty'. I think Charlotte's a turncoat. Bring back her mum.
Lotan picking on Isabelle for looking in the mirror. The house literally can't sit round a couch together without someone getting kicked out. Hannah: 'It doesn't look good' to Lotan. You aint seen nothing yet.
There is something weird about Isabelle. She seems almost like... drugged up.
Isabelle said to Lotan: 'You're meant to be a role model to your son' after Lotan said he wasn't taking anything anyone said seriously. She actually said it twice because she slurred it the first time (meds).
Lotan then threw a drink on the girls. I love Hannah's rage! Rightly so. It went RIGHT in her face, so he's not a good shot as he was aiming for Isabelle.
Chanelle: 'Are you fucking serious!' She threw her drink again. It's lucky the glasses are plastic. Lets face it, if they kicked everyone out who was on a final warning tonight, there'd be three people left. 
I also love Raph grabbing Chanelle's leg. I love Deborah calming Hannah down.
Isabelle smiled! She smiled. Hahaha. Ooh, she's cold. I love it.
Ellie is so gross sticking up for Lotan: 'What are you here for?' to Isabelle. To take out the trash. 'Why are you here, you're pissing me off.' That's why she's there. Why didn't they pick Sam? I'm glad they didn't now.
I love watching the faces of the people who don't get involved too.
Who cares if someone mentions someone's son or daughter. Who GIVES A FUCK.
Chanelle in the garden: 'He's fucking vile.' She's not wrong. He was picking on Isabelle and she bit back and he couldn't take it.
Chanelle didn't realise what Isabelle said about Lotan's son. Isabelle *impassive* 'Yeah, but I did.'
Lotan in the diary room digging his grave. 'First thing in the morning I'm going to pack up my stuff... I swirled my drink around the group... because of the ugly one with the orange face, this disgrace of a human being.' Tom giggling by his side like a little lapdog. How will be cope without someone suck off at night?
Then smashing up the DR. Kayleigh flashbacks. Lotan even turned on his little bitch Tom then! 'Get the fuck away from me.' Haaaaaaa. Brilliant.
Ellie defending Lotan chucking a drink at Hannah. Grim. Deborah is acting like it happened to her, not Lotan.
Charlotte piping up: 'You can't bring family members into it.' You bought your mum in and no one complained. In fact, I'd swap you for her.
Ellie going to Isabelle: 'Go mention Deborah's kid.' No, because Deborah hasn't been digging Isabelle out since the MOMENT she walked through the door, you thick bitch.
Lotan coming out of the diary room and fronting up to the girls cos he had to have the last word.
'Do you think they're going to drag me out?' Hope so.
Ellie talking to Lotan like she's his mum. Everyone telling Lotan to go to the DR. I wish security had dragged him out.
Gross. 'Yuck' indeed. I love Kieran's hands up when security came in like he's been stopped by the police before.
Deborah getting in Lotan's face was great. Standing up for her sister by pushing her sister out of the way to have it out with hm . Amazing. This bit on the stairs is amazing. Magic!
I LOVE the sisters giving it back to Lotan. Bald security guard for the win! 'Pussyhole!'
Keiran with his hands up like the police have just stopped him, I'm dying.
Ellie swung at Deborah's face? I never saw it and I rewound, believe me. Deborah said to Hannah: 'stop it, we have work.' What does that mean! Like, they have jobs outside, not like these reality TV jokers, I think. OMG I love Deborah racing up the stairs to clock Ellie. Raph ran even faster that here. I wish she'd got there. I despise Ellie. That was legendary.
Ellie on the floor. Chanelle yelling from outside. So much to watch! What a mess.
Savannah with her hands over her ears on the couch is basically me as a little kid. Then she goes 'I have to leave cos I am claustrophobic.'
Deborah to the security guards, almost embarrassed: 'If I'd known it was going to be like this, I'd have never of signed up for it.' Me either. But isn't that how most things in life start!?
I love Chanelle and Hannah saying they were gonna go home because of this crap. I don't blame them. If you feel in an unsafe environment, that's not cool. The Big Brother house should be a safe space.
Lotan: 'It's either I stay or she does.' Her? Thinking Isabelle is going to get removed for what she said! You threw a drink at girls, then came back in for round two. Gross.
Tom calling Isabelle an embarrassment. He would know.
I love Raph trying to calm Deborah then crying. She's rightly appalled at someone throwing a drink at her. It is disgusting. Deborah: 'I've never had a man throw a drink in my face. I'm a mum.' I've thrown a drink in a man's face. It was fun.
Now the sisters are fighting with each other. I love it! The sisters must be on a warning by now.
Chanelle about Lotan: 'Why the fuck is he still here when he keeps doing this to women?' Good question.
I love the security guard monitoring the sister's coversation. How have they managed for the past three decades? I understand why Deborah is disappointed in herself, but her barrelling up the stairs is very GIFworthy and she was driven to it. She's worried how the public will percieve it. I think they'll love it! Twitter looks HOT right now. My tweets are going through the roof. I love seeing sisters stick up for each other.
Why is Lotan back in the house, drunk and threatening girls!? That is the biggest question of the whole night. He should NEVER have been allowed back in.
Lotan: 'If she was where I'm from and not uptown London...' What does that mean exactly? 'She did well to get a couple of spits on here.' Oh what do you prefer, an acid attack, Lotan?
Lotan: 'I walked away because I wanted to destroy her physically and mentally. She's a psychopath.'
Chanelle is right that Isabelle highlighted something that was already there. 'I feel really guilty' she says, with all the passion of a dead fish. Chanelle keeps saying she feels bad, but I don't think she does, and I kind of like it, haha.
Charlotte: 'We're a bigger group' with Tom and Lotan. Number talk! Eww. You backed the wrong horse, Charlotte. What would your mum say about you hanging out with Tom! Tom: 'Family.' Yeah, you evicted hers.
Lotan thinks the amount of liquid in his glass makes a difference when you throw a drink on someone. There was plenty in there. Lotan: 'Any man would have reacted the same way and I own it. If people are intimidated by me, it's their problem and not mine. I'm being persecuted for being a male. Fuck the TV show. Fuck the situation and fuck the girls that went off. Right or wrong, it could have been a hell of a lot worse.' How?! Fuck you. 'This is who I am, take me or leave me.' I'll leave it, thanks.
Next day: Lotan: 'Oy oy, do you like my slippers?' to Big Brother. I think it's a no. I knew he'd say it was cool when he got told to leave. He'll pretend it was his idea now. Not sure why he had his finger in his ear as he left, probably trying to keep his one braincell from falling out of his dumb head.
Say what you want about this series, but Lotan's downfall was beautiful. Throughly enjoyed it. Can't wait to see Ellie and Tom pissing and moaning about it now. Hopefully they'll follow him out.
We podded last night by the way. Consider it a parting gift for Lotan.

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