Saturday, 17 June 2017

Big Brother UK 2017: I'm not going to come here and beg friends

I can't believe we lost Sukhvinder AND Imran. I'm not guilty, I voted to save Imran as I knew he was vulnerable. I still think it was kind of cool the way Sukhvinder went out with him. Not for us as viewers, obviously. If you want to hear more about that, check out last night's epic podcast.
And apparently Kayleigh goes tonight for threats of violence. Don't let the door hit you on the way out. New housemates needed, stat.
Ooh it's a good warning, violent confrontation, woo.
Oh my God, not more VIPs. Has anyone ever been less welcome in the house? I hate visitors at the best of times, let alone those three.
Sorry I forgot to blog for 15 minutes cos it was so boring.
Ooh Raph said he wanted Kayleigh to go. Happy birthday, Raph, here's our gift to you!
Marnie: 'I think Imran will go.' Well, you've been watching outside so I guess you'd know? Jesus.
Marnie: 'I think Rebecca is holding you back' to Kieran. Yes, from your clutches.
Something is going on with a pinata and Marnie knew we were in Europe, so that's something.
Tom just said he was voting for Deborah next week. Noms talk! Take his nom off him.
Imran threw a water balloon at Nicola and made her mad. Nicola, hardly any of it went on you. Lotan got Kayleigh with a water balloon and she threw one at him quite aggressively. Raph looks nervous. She's demented. Lotan to Kayleigh: 'I understand, you're mad.' That sentence works without a comma, too.
Sukvinder looked resigned when Imran's name got called. He didn't try and convince her to stay. I knew she would go straight away. BB obviously don't care or they wouldn't have opened the door.
Raph crying straight away, aw. Raph is so genuine.
Lotan: 'I'm glad they went together.' I bet you are! Less competition.
So Lotan, Kieran and Raph got immunity. At least Raph got it, that will save me a couple of quid next week. Fuck Lotan and Keiran. Still, at least it wasn't a pass to the final, right?
The sisters are saying they won't leave together. Deborah: 'I need you to represent if I go.' Good. Hannah scrubs up well.
Ellie is worried about voting next time as she likes everyone. That won't last.
Tom's masterful code that 'H' is going to vote for him.
Kayleigh bragging about her 'pre-existing fanbase.' You shouldn't have a fanbase if you're on normal BB, even if her fanbase is only 3 people.
Aw, Hannah is upset about Imran and Sukhvinder going 'even though Imran was a corrupt deputy' lol.
I love Raph slagging off Kayleigh to Deborah! Bring it. 'They're fake, they're talking about you behind your back. The clique is here for longer.'
I didn't know Deborah had a daughter! Raph crying cuddling her. Bless.
Deborah isn't going to 'come here and beg friends. My background is as a minority.' Minority report! Raph is also in minority gang.
Raph: 'Thank god for you, Chanelle and fucking Hannah.' Ha.
Chanelle singing happy birthday to Raph, ha. Royalties!
Chanelle is telling Ellie to make more of an effort with others (ie. get out of Lotan's butt).
Lotan: 'Who's she shadowing?' Who do you think! Ooh then Chanelle said Ellie follows Kayleigh round.
Chanelle: 'Don't start with me!' Kim Woodburn vibes. Trashy people off other shows having trashy fights. Kayleigh: 'Get her the fuck out of here, bruv before I smash her face in.' It's not that bad. It's no pow pow pow.
Chanelle also came at Kayleigh quite aggressively with the chair going back.
All the boys scurrying in, lol.
Kayleigh going to her stock phrases: 'cunt'.
Chanelle didn't throw a drink at you, Kayleigh. She just threw it across the room. Raph: 'You know she's a mean girl.' Ha. I love Raph and Chanelle's friendship.
Kayleigh then beating the crap out of the DR. Saying Chanelle is not 'emotionally stable.'
Kayleigh: 'I will go to prison, I am going to hurt her ten times harder than she'll hurt me, I will pick up any object.. she's six times the size of me. Fat cunt. I will grab a sharp object and smack her with it.'
David Gest suite for Kayleigh. Hopefully she'll be dead in three months (yes I went there).
The others are discussing the situation. Hannah is rowing with Tom now. Tom out next for aggressive behaviour, no doubt.
Chanelle is not happy that Rebecca is going to sleep in the spare room with Rebecca. It's not Rebecca's fault.
Lotan still going on about 'shadow' gate.
Raph and Chanelle sleep together, aw. Too cute.
Chanelle is now on a final warning! Knocking a drink off a table isn't violence, but it is threatening/ intimidating.
Chanelle: 'Has she been told off for saying she'll smash my face in?' Just about to be!
Big Brother reading back Kayleigh's insane words to her. 'I wanted to smash a chair across her face.'
And the rest.
Shades of Daley in Kayleigh's hoodie. Aggressive? BYE KAYLEIGH.
Ex on the beach adverts straight after Big Brother? God help us for the new housemates.

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