Monday, 26 June 2017

Big Brother UK 2017: BBUK - The apology tours

I don't think it's really fair to put all the housemates up for eviction. They never use evictions as a punishment when it's just one or two acting up! Unfair to people who did nothing, ie. Raph, Charlotte (so what's new?) and (weirdly) Joe.
It's the morning after the night before. It's funny how different people see things, isn't it? Both in the house and on Twitter. People HATE Chanelle on Twitter. I don't know why, I think she's got a good heart under all the crap.
Chanelle: 'People do need to be told off, last night scared me. I've not come here for that.'
Deborah casually going 'morning' to the room of dickheads. Savannah saying the dickheads need to travel 'as a pack.'
Charlotte went: 'How is Deborah still here?' Keiran: 'The rules in this place are corrupt. It's like politics.' No, aggressive men get thrown out (Lotan), as do aggressive women (Kayleigh).
Ellie, Tom and Kieran slagging off Isabelle and comparing her to a three year old. Yawn.
The house has been transformed into a hippy commune. I like the tie dye table cloths. I thought it was a punishment at first because they'd removed the sofa.
Ellie needs to go next. I can't stand her. Her or Tom. I'm a bit worried about everyone being up! Imagine if one of the sisters went because it's a split vote?
Chanelle is waiting for an apology from Ellie. Good luck. Chanelle: 'The house needs witchcraft.' I'm not sure about that.
Raph and Deborah are at the tree of love singing about 'love, peace and harmony'. Savannah's stage outfit is 'kind of risky.' She is 'kind of an idiot.'
Hannah is called to the diary room and Kieran calls her a lemon. Hannah has a bruise on her face from when Ellie punched her. Did Ellie punch her? I didn't see that. Big Brother has reviewed the tape and said Ellie didn't punch her. Damn.
Savannah calling Hannah and Deborah 'sly fucks.' This dumb cow has been outside and is choosing the evil path. Thick or what?
Hannah wants to 'be a conductor of 'love peace and harmony.'
I enjoy the split house, as long as the numbers are quite even and the idiots get themselves thrown out once or twice a week.
I saw a lot of people on Twitter saying Joe could have diffused the situation last night. But Joe's not a diffuser, he's an instigator.
Tom thinks Lotan's been kicked out, because he SAW the way Lotan was in the DR. I'm glad they're letting them stew on it. Isabelle thinks there's no tension or negative vibes in the house anymore. Not sure about that.
I like the marquees and all the quilts and stuff. Looks like my house. More so than normal.
Chanelle keeps the mood up in the house, getting them to give each other compliments. It's sweet.
Isabelle calling the other side 'miserable cunts.' Ha. Not sure about Chanelle's leather baseball cap. Might put that on the eek list.
Savannah: 'The only power we have is sticking together as a group.' Can Chanelle hear that? I love her falling on the floor and complaining about the negativity.
Savannah: 'He was wrong to swizzle the drink.' He didn't swizzle it, whatever the fuck that means. He threw it in two women's faces, dumbo. God, she's annoying.
Housemates are getting a tell off for not listening to Big Brother 'during heated conversations.' Tannoy tell off! 'Big Brother must be able to seperate housemates over the tannoy.' But you're not able to do that, Big Brother.
I'm glad they said about Lotan's behaviour 'in the house, in the diary room and over the past few days.' Big Brother encourages the housemates to 'show tolerance.'
Was good to see Hannah and Tom making up even though he's a cretin. Ellie and Deborah also making up. Ellie is so thick. She doesn't understand basic English.
I love Deborah saying 'I panicked and wanted to go home' about her bolting up the stairs. Revisionist history! Lol. Good excuse, though.
Ellie you went 'come on, hit me!' Let's not any of us pretend we didn't know what was happening.
Even Tom and Chanelle are making up. Have they all been forced to make up? This feels fishy as fuck.
Hannah is saying Charlotte picked a side. Yeah, we noticed it, too. Charlotte hidden up the corner like Frankie Dettori under the kitchen counter. She's about as entertaining as him, too.
Hannah and Isabelle are a weird friendship. Isabelle does look like a clown and she's a weird person. But she's interesting. I wonder if the tide will turn with her now Lotan's gone.
Ellie and Tom seem to be over Lotan already, which is odd. Ellie making up with Raph and saying they're going to become better friends. We'll see. This all feels fake as fuck. Are they reading these apologies off cue cards?
They're now chanting 'I'm at one with the Big Brother house' whenever a noise goes off.
Not buying Ellie's cheeky chappie persona now Lotan's gone. Hannah's singing is fucking awful. That would drive me mad, to be honest.
I love the fact on BBUK they DO just give them more drink. On BBUS, they get no drink because, well, death threats.
Chanelle has been called to the DR for another tell off. But she's on a final warning. Oh, now they're saying because she didn't start the row, it doesn't count that she threw her drink. Nice. I like the fact they're just making it up as they go along. What will the excuse be next time!
Deborah is now getting told off for going up the stairs after Ellie. Big Brother says 'in the moment it seemed...' Ha! It was. She was 'just annoyed Lotan was back in the house and felt scared'. Don't blame her. She was just trying to get to the exit, honest, guv. I love it. Good one! Viewers may have found it offensive! I found it hilarious.
Save us from Ellie's 'jokes' please.
I agree what Isabelle said about Lotan's son wasn't bad. She's 100% correct. It wasn't about Lotan's son. It was about Lotan and it touched a nerve. 'With the others, I feel like they're just being nice cos they've got to be. It's either be nice or look like an absolute twat.'
Raph is talking to Kieran. It's weird seeing people who never talk being made to talk, like a storyline that's been forced upon them or a bad soap opera.
Raph is sticking up for Deborah running up the stairs. Kieran: 'You'd be scared if you were at the top of the stairs and I took my jacket off and ran at you.' Raph: 'I don't know.' I love his loyalty to Deborah because Kieran is actually right for the first time ever.
I hate the fact they're trying to give Ellie a 'fun edit' now Lotan's gone. Gross. We can remember a day ago, Big Brother! Don't fuck about.
Joe in the pink feathers, ha. Deborah is painting Kieran's nails. Joe is trying to get off with Deborah, asking which of the guys she fancies, lol. She put him down! Joe: 'Fuck peace, love and harmony.' It's nice to see them smiling for once!
Ooh, it's vote to evict! Bye, Tom! Next month's phone bill just went up, up, up.

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