Sunday, 11 June 2017

Big Brother UK 2017: Another one bites the dust

So Arthur left the house today so tonight is probably the last entertaining evening of this year's BBUK. Whhhhhhhhhyyyyy!
Why is everyone always having a go at Arthur? Annoying.
Arthur is 'expecting full on apologies today.' Good luck with that.
God, I can't stand alomost everyone in the house. This is not good. Really hard to be enthusiastic about the programme when I don't care about anyone in there. Yuck.
Sukhi is apologising to Imran. Well, that's something. 'Thank you for understanding me.' 'I love you so much.' Aw.
All anyone is talking about is Arthur. The store room row continues. Arthur to Tom: 'I think you're being a fucking cunt.'
Tom is an aggressive twat smashing stuff in the kitchen like that. I wouldn't live with someone like that. I couldn't. Tom is an oik. He should have got a warning.
Imran is talking to Arthur as if he's a little boy. I love it.
Arthur tidying up: 'This is my pennace before the crimes I'm about to commit.' Haaaa.
Ooh, Imran is holding a house meeting. I'm sure this will go well.
Arthur walked in with a bowl of dust! I don't think Lotan wants any. Lotan threw the bowl across the room! The way they talk to Arthur is disgusting. Arthur is being a provocative little shit, but 15 against 1 doesnt look cool.
The boring women are talking about shaving their vaginas. Female casting on Big Brother kills me.
Joe is talking to Arthur about his behaviour. I've been seeing tweets saying Arthur might be on the autistic spectrum. I don't know about that, but he is socially awkward. Joe looming over him going 'have a little bit of respect.' Then Tom comes looming over.
Joe intimidating Arthur again cos Arthur called him 'a dickhead'. Well, if the cap fits.
They have asked Tom to come to the dur-brain suite (sorry, the intelligence centre). The housemates are watching him answer pointless questions. Dull AF.
Imran and Sukhi 'being on TV intensifies the relationship.'
Chanelle is talking about sticking a finger up men's bum. Lotan is discussing his anal sex technique. Chanelle has no shame.
Lol, Big Brother have locked the storeroom with the food in it. Arthur wants a carrot. Who cares that much about a carrot? Oh he's giving up smoking. No wonder he's being such a cunt.
I don't think the others get that doing tit for tat when it's 15 against 1 isn't cool.
At least Big Brother stepped in when they started hiding his bedding.
Big Brother is being very stern with Arthur. They weren't that stern when Tom was throwing things.
Aw, Big Brother is getting Raph to be the mediator, that's too cute. Raph trying to explain common sense to Arthur, ha. 'You need to show them respect to get respect back. If they have negative qualities, they will show on their own.' So true.
Arthur: 'Can I have a carrot, Big Brother?' Ha.
I feel so defeated that Arthur is gone. I hate all the others (except Raph and I'm interested in Imran and Sukhvinder's dynamic).
The online chat was fake! Sorry, I forgot to care.
Imran and Sukvinder not getting up when the booze is delivered, haha.
Tom's jeans are absolutely gross. He is everything I despise in a human.
Joe: 'In my world being called a dickhead doesn't exist.' Wait until you get on Twitter.
I love watching housemates dance. It's one of the true pleasures in life.
Ellie pretending she can't pronounce 'paramedics'. She doesn't want to finish her food because she wants Lotan to eat some of it. Jesus. She might as well have 'doormat' tattooed on her head.
OMG Lotan just sexually assaulted Rebecca and she didn't seem keen. Don't touch people uninvited, you dick.
Kayleigh starting on Arthur for laughing at something. She is a fucking skank. The language that comes out of her mouth is just gross. She's actually rotten on the inside.
I liked Arthur saying 'see you next Tuesday' to her, ha.
Lotan is now demanding an apology off Arthur. Wasn't Arthur after apologies today?
Lotan's 'moral compass is in a spin'. Is Kayleigh going to apologise for being a gutter rat?
I can't even look at Kayleigh anymore. 'This aint a fucking game'. Yes it is. And it looks like you won.
The producers are dumb twats for letting Arthur go and for letting the others carry on like that, and my podcast just got 80% less interesting. It's like Marco Pierre White Jr leaving followed by Andrew getting kciked out for having consensual sex in the outside world all over again.
Moral compass? Big Brother's one is FUCKED.

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n.k. said...

Inbred Arthurs gone why? no fucker knows. Poor Joe his clothes are gone,does this include his female wig collection? think about it Lyndsey.he used to run A nightclub or maybe A (tranny) bar in Teneriffe,hence the the tatooed guyliner...Just sayin.