Monday, 23 January 2017

Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Underwars

The H list
Hello there! Sorry no weekend blogs, I did do a podcast with my friend Gaz though, so check it out if you haven't already...
So Nicola has moved beds away from Speidi. Heidi just wants to be 'neutral' ie. just do what Spencer tells her. I thought Spencer was being a prick yesterday. You can't really say Speidi have turned up when they're being that petty to someone who was a friend to them. I did like Jedward in the ball pit though, and I especially liked Calum and Jamie being left out in the cold. Come back when you're a ten, boys.
I don't know why Nicola is having a go at Stacy about Speidi. She's 'no wallflower'! Why not say it to Speidi and NOT Stacy then?
Ooh, washing wars. Kim is putting Stacy's dirty undies on the floor. On my timehop today was about Stephanie Davies dirty knickers getting shown to the house, so it's obviously the time of year for it.
Kim did apologise to Stacy and said 'no offence meant' so I'm notquite sure why Stacy then went postal.
Stacy is an idiot kicking off on nomination day. 'Schizophrenic two personality bitch' is true about Kim, though. At least Kim is giving it back to her, calling Stacy a big mouth. Seriously, is it worth getting this upset about, lovey?
Kim isn't as fiery when not drunk. 'You'd make a wonderful town crier' was quite funny, though. 'Two tomatoes short of a salad.'
I love the fact Nicola came into the bedroom to watch the argument. I would, too. Heidi decides to make up with Nicola while it's kicking off with Stacy and Kim, ha. I wasn't sure which conversation to listen to! 'Let's just move forward.' No apology there. Did Spencer give her permission? Nicola was meek as a mouse there. Total wallflower!
Jamie going: 'I'm horny' to Bianca, grim. He's only interested in her in there, isn't he? Big Brother balls.
James C will not kick off at Speidi in the house as they're 'playing a game' but outside he'd 'bite his nose off.' Ha. 'Outside they wouldn't behave like that.' I think they would, actually.
Jessica is treating Calum 'like a piece of meat.' Offal.
Stacy is trying to get to the inner workings of James C. He's been violent in the past! Ooh. Interesting. This is like a real conversation, I'm amazed they aired it. James won't go back to being 'the old him'. I guess being that old you get some perspective.
Ooh, it's not face to face noms, but them playing noms on the screen! Ooh, anyone who gets one nom is up! Brill. I love both these things, cos the noms are more honest than face to face, and putting anyone with one nom up gets Speidi off the hook.
Speidi's nomination against Coleen/ James C is dumb as fuck. Coleen is 'spying' for James C.
Spencer: 'Nicola broke what's left of Speidi's CBB heart.' Boo and indeed hoo. Stop kissing arse and being understanding Nicola.
Coleen nominated Kim for being mental them being Snow White and Jedward for being 'bizarre'. Jedward have a nasty side 'IN THE BED.' OMG.
James C nominated Kim for 'condescending the younger housemates' and Jedward for 'excessive food consumption' and their 'continued performance which is irritating'. Haha.
Jedward nommed Stacy for screaming (fair point) and for making small things huge and Nicola. Ugh, is no one gonna nominate Jamie? UGH!
Nicola nominated Kim and Jedward for 'making her stressed.'
Jamie nominated Kim 'as he doesn't want to be seen that way' (as an adulterer, I guess). And Jessica as he feels awkward around her. Hopefully she'll go then.
Jessica nominated Stacy and Jamie! Thank God Jamie is up. I would LOVE for him to go.
Calum nominated Jedward and Kim. I liked Jedward saying 'we've got better hair'. Ooh, Calum is going to regret saying Jedward teamed up with Speidi in his nom. Spencer won't forget that.
Bianca nommed Kim and Jedward. Not the 'can't take any criticism' thing again. I have some criticism for you, Bianca. You're a lush with bad taste in men and you look stoned half the time. I'm not even convinced you like killer whales. Hope you can take that criticism OK.
Stacy nominated Jessica and Kim. Good, Jessica needs to go.
Kim nominated Stacy because Kim doesn't want to walk round on eggshells (lol) and Nicola/Nicole for the usual reasons. I want Speidi to team up with Kim against Nicola.
Kim won't tell Nicola what she's lied about. She doesn't have to say! I don't think there is anything, to be honest. Nicola: 'If you liked me, I'd be mortified.'
Kim: 'Be a woman and take it on the chin.' Kim is right, Nicola does want to do it in front of the whole group so she can look like the 'good person'.
So everyone was nommed apart from Calum, Bianca and James C (ie. the deadwood section).
I really hope Jamie goes now. Who would vote to save him!?
Woah, Nicola is really angry. Starting on a gran again. Nicola: 'I have never looked like an idiot in this house.' Er, OK then. Nicola is coming across an irrational harridan, showing off to try and win Speidi back. She's like the second in command school bully.
Kim: 'You're a mum, grow up.' Nicola: 'And you're not, and that's the problem.' Kim is actually, it's just her baby was stillborn. Sensitivity not Nicola's strong point, there. She will go lower... true. I don't think there is any lower than that, to be honest.
James C in the DR moaning that Speidi aren't too bright. I don't think that's true. They are 'professional reality people' though. Just like Calum.
Spencer trying to wind Coleen up about only her sister voting for her, haha.
Spencer to Coleen: 'Your acting sucks, lucky you're a host of some panel show.'
OMG Spencer saying James C isn't 'A list' 'Braveheart was in 97.' His 'own men killed him on Game of Thrones'. That's BRILLIANT! 'They stabbed him straight in the face.' Spoiler! Ooh, Spencer is giving Coleen evils! Spencer is drunk. In fact, everyone is drunk as fuck. Speidi are even having a group hug with Nicola now. Spencer: 'It's a compliment to you that we acted so badly.' That is twisted logic. Speidi: 'We need help.' True.
Speidi have a new target now... Coleen (and James C!)
Coleen calling Spencer talentless. Spencer has a natural charisma that Coleen doesn't have. Heidi is dressed like a middle aged housewife today, her jeans are too high up and she's got a Deirdre Barlow roll neck on.
So have Speidi got nastier since they were eternally nominated? Are they going the full Helen Wood? I'm just glad to see them bitching at last. Save Speidi and Jedward!


E said...

I keep writing comments below your blog and podcast regarding my disgust for the biggest chauvinist pig, Jamie. He continues to get worse ever show!

He better go tomorrow!

Great podcast and blogs! Thank you.

lightupvirginmary said...

Thank you for reading and commenting. :) Fingers crossed it's the washed up footballer. 👍

Unknown said...

Won't Jessica more likely to go over Jamie ?
When's the eviction ? Friday ? Today ?
No doubt big bro will interfere with the vote if the ones they don't want to be evicted are about to , then add a twist . That be out of order .
Odd Kim has so much calmed down (thanks to big bro telling her )

n.k. said...

Oh luvvies vote to keep me In, Im being gang handed by that little shit Stacey again deary,just because I threw her filthy smelly drawers out of the washing machine we had to use A dolly tub and mangle when I was A girl.And she calls herself A scientist Pah!