Sunday, 30 September 2007

Wife Swap: Pete Burns and Razor Ruddock

Pete Burns described his relationship with his husband as 'like Mills and Boon' which made me laugh at the time but in a strange way it is. Certainly compared to Neil 'Razor' Ruddock's 'relationship' with his glamour model girlfriend Leah who seemed 25 going on 40 with the way he was treating her. Mind you, more fool her for giving up her... er, career, and being treated as a skivvy by that fat moron. Pete Burns summed things up nicely when he said it seemed like a 'nightmare'. I was pretty unimpressed with Leah when she described Pete as 'it'. She also made a few dubious comment about Razor being 'a real man' implying Pete and his partner weren't. A 'real man' in her book clearly means a fat, lazy, disgusting pig. Shame.
Actually, though, there weren't as many fireworks as you would expect from a Wife Swap including Pete Burns. In fact at times it was bordering on TOUCHING, what with him and Razor eating their dinner out of the pan together.
Pete summed things up very astutely when he said Razor was one of those men who see women as a different species. I think it's very true that there are still a huge number of men with this attitude, that women are purely there to be housewives and to shag. Mind you, women are obviously culpable in feeding this outdated stereotype. There is something profoundly lonely about a man who needs to go to the pub every night to 'go out with the lads'. Pete and Michael's relationship looked postively rosy in comparison with them totally devoted to each other (although perhaps a little clingy).
Razor's girlfriend was only 25 and there's only so much of looking at his beer belly snoozing away a girl can take, I'd imagine, especially one who on the whole seemed very nice, and certainly attractive. No wonder taking her top off seemed like a sort of freedom. I think unless he bucks his ideas up she'll be out the door with Pebbles (their baby) in tow. He concluded quite nicely, 'I'm a macho prick'.
There was no Ikea lamp to be seen in the Burn's household, instead they had a giant light up Jesus, which naturally, I approve of. What did I learn? Not much. Love Wife Swap though. Roll on the new series.


Shep said...

I switched on and caught the last five minutes whilst Bremner, Bird & Fortune was rewinding. Reality show? Really? Ruddock was clearly on his 'best behaviour', he's no mug. There's supermarkets to be opened, vaguely amusing panel shows to guest star in. "Be nice to the pansies, you'll be quids in" I'm sure he thought...We know what kind of a bloke ol' Razor is.

It reminded me of all the unpleasant adulation after I'm A Celebrity... made a 'nations favourite' out of convicted wife-beater Phil Tufnell.

What nice men...great role models for our kids...

lightupvirginmary said...

Oooh I didn't know any of the dirt on Razor Ruddock, I don't even really recognise him. I believe you that he's a dick though.
He did overdo it a bit at the end when he said Pete & husband were 'the most amazing couple he'd ever met' I thought.
Wife beaters are celebrated UNIVERSALLY in the British press. It makes me very angry.

Shep said...

Tufnell's cheeky chirpy cockney sparrah style really did the money he made off various ads afterwards.

Another celebrity wife-beater is, of course, Geoffrey Boycott. Dropped from commentary after charges were made against him...then quietly eased back into the line-up when it had all died down.

Having had a sister who was subjected to domestic violence for a number of years, before finally being murdered by her 'partner' in front of her can see how I have strong views on such things, eh?

lightupvirginmary said...

Oh my god. I am so sorry. I didn't want to reply to that on here but I couldn't see an email address for you.
I know the figures for domestic violence are horrendous. I also know it's not taken seriously at all, and it sickening.

Shep said...

It's OK. I've talked about it before on the blogs. It was probably a bit unfair to ambush you with it.

It took her years to tell someone. And even longer to leave. Ultimately it didn't help, as he followed...but it's important I think to be aware of how common it is, how quiet victims can be despite everyone saying 'if it were me I wouldn't put up with it', and how it should not be excused. Even with celebrities.

lightupvirginmary said...

Especially celebrities, because people's eyes are on them.