Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Can't Stop Eating

I can't stop eating either, but I like to think I'd stop if I started resembling a pig. These poor bastards in this show have Prader-Willi syndrome, and never feel full. Voice-over man says: 'Left to their own devices they would eat themselves to death' (not literally, I hope).
2000 people have it Britain and 58 of them live in one home together. God, imagine being put in a home for that! There did seem to be slightly more to their problems than just that somehow.
Joe is 30 stone. Christ, he was fat. I don't get how science can make 60 year old women have babies, or do a heart transplant, but they can't just invent a pill to stop people feeling hungry. They would make a FORTUNE. Why aren't they trying harder? Slackers! Forget finding the cure to cancer or HIV. Make me... er, I mean THEM skinny! Anyway, I digress.
Tamara, another person suffering from it had lost 15 stone! The before pictures of her were mind-blowing. She basically looked normal sized now. But it must be agony to be hungry all the time. It must be all-consuming.
Oh my God, that programme was totally depressing. I had to switch it off so god knows what the moral of the story was. Still: More 4 is fast becoming my favourite TV channel.

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