Monday, 10 September 2007

Entertainment Mash up

OK I have no TV I'm religiously watching at the mo, so here's the news in brief:
Britney. Did look fat (but only compared to how she used to), she seemed pretty out of it. I feel sorry for her really. That song was stuck in my head ALL NIGHT though. I like the host of the MTV Awards, she was pretty funny. Had to turn it off quite sharpish though because Alicia 'talking on her phone' Keys came on and I wanted to put my boot through the screen. I flicked back a bit but it was a parade of cunts: Kanye West- how dare you do that to Daft Punk? Justin 'we haven't forgotten your afro' Timbergay and oh God, I don't even know who else. I'm not down with the kids anymore.
I watched the new episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm tonight that they showed in Yankee Land last night! I love it, it's like prozac. It's like furry socks. Pretty, pretty good. Larry can do no wrong.
I'm still watching Medium religiously, but it can't really be blogged about. Patricia Arquette is the best thing ever, so that's that.
Eastenders is as shit as ever, except for Peggy falling off that stool, and then Phil falling headfirst into a cake. Kill Chelsea Fox! And Deano! Their acting makes me angry. Corrie was quite good tonight: Roy got all mad! I enjoyed Hayley perusing the Pixies CDs. But would we really love Hayley if she was played by a REAL transexual? I always thought her character was a bit of a cop-out. Like 'we'll accept you but only because you've not REALLY had your dick cut off.' Liz judging Violet for having a baby with Sean was annoying too. But it's alright for her to bring up kids with a violent man. (Er... it's not real. Oh yeah)
Ms Lopez texted me to say Jim Davidson is being a homophobe on Hells Kitchen (didn't see THAT coming!) I knew I should have kept watching it! Motherfuck. Hmm, 'My 100,000' lovers is on now. Perhaps I'll give that a go. Oh shit, I've seen it before.

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I think I'll give furry socks a go