Tuesday, 18 September 2007

So why did you have children then?

I think we'll file this one under 'feminist' but in reality I just want to SCREAM about the fucking stupid mothers I have encountered lately. I was just in the chip shop (it's all fine dining for me) and this kid was shrieking and the mother was screaming and he went 'mum!' and she said 'God, how I hate that word.'
God, how I hate that word? Well you should have thought about that before getting knocked up then! What kind of fantasy land do people live in when they are planning (or not) to become pregnant? What do they imagine it to be like? Like a fucking nappy advert? All peachy little bums and giggles?
I wouldn't mind, but they take it out on YOU, the casual passer-by, with their moaning and shouting, like it's your fault they decided to give birth to mewling, filth-ridden money-drainers.
Well it's NOT my fault. I don't want any, so keep yours away from me, thanks!
This is without yesterday's high jinks where I got ram raided by a very ugly woman with a buggy and told to MOVE! on the tube. (I also got told to take my headphones out and connect with the world- but anyway). I replied, 'The world didn't end when you decided to give birth.' And this I think is the crux of the matter. Pregnant women and women with children have TOO MANY rights! They are considered a superior species to us bitter, barren, dried-up (not even) career women. They are given months off work. Where are my fucking months off work for NOT spawning? You don't get praised for keeping your head down, you just get labelled 'inhuman'.
I repeat: the world doesn't end just because you give birth. Well, yours might, but mine doesn't. And yes, I am looking forward to being lonely in old age, thank you. Lonely, peaceful, and free.


Anonymous said...

I am a mother of 3 and I respectfully take exception to this whole entry however I really only wanted to make Two comments so that you are clear on some things.
The six to twelve week leave that women that give birth get is actually a recovery leave and you would recieve the same leave under the fmla (family medical leave act) if you were to need to be admitted to the hospital or were recovering from an illness.
I just thought that you should know since it sounded as if you were a little bitter and angry about it. As well as the children thing.
Also, Although I agree that mom's should not be angry and take out there rough day on you, you in turn should not feel burdened or angry if they do because how many times have you ranted or gave someone the bird or unloaded your feeling on people who didn't really want to carry your baggage with them.
Now I realize that my thoughts are unsolisited from you and that I just stumbled along your blog so I really don't expect a kind reply or any reply at all, but I just feel that in all fairness that you are doing exactly what that mother in the store did to you. You are unloading your feelings on people. Just some food for thought.

lightupvirginmary said...

You're right: people should have time off to recover after they've given birth and not be forced back to work- I'm not completely inhumane!
I am unloading my feelings on people but in a less direct way. You can choose to read or not to read after the first couple of sentences.
I appreciate your comments and am always open to other people's opinions. :-)

Anonymous said...

I personally feel that Mrs (we assume) Anonymous has missed the point. Pregnant women and mothers have far too many rights. Which is tantamount to the discrimination of anyone else.

Want a life of social housing and sponging off the state and/or anyone else involved in the matter? (Don't worry, fathers have effectively no rights at all.) Easy, just get knocked up. No one can stop you and look at the benefits!

Take some responsibilty for your decision. In these times of unsustainable lifestyles, climatic chaos, and pre-apocalyptic politics your children will not thank you for breeding.

Shep said...

...So if it's alright I'll drop the kids off at six...the missus and I want to grab a drink before the movie.

Thanks again x

(we may be late back, by the way. VERY late...)

lightupvirginmary said...

Shep, you're not allowed to drink once you've had kids! Oh no, that's just if you're a woman. Hahaha!

* (asterisk) said...

As my wise wife would say: "If you can afford to have kids, you can afford a car instead of public transport."

Kids are horrible. And they seem to suck the brain cells out of their mothers.

Anonymous said...

"Kids are horrible. And they seem to suck the brain cells out of their mothers."

I suppose you are forgetting you did the same to your mother? I guess instead of loving you, your mother thought you were the most horrific beast in the world unworthy of love. Sorry you had such a terrible upbringing. Sounds like your mother is the one who had no brain cells.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Its a shame that people are brought up to think they are horrible as children, and all children are horrible, and all parents are annoying beasts. Its really a shame. What happened to love and stability in family? What happened to commitment, respect, proper discipline and honor? I raise my family to love and respect others. I wish other parents would do the same. And I wish people who hate themselves and other humans so clearly would find peace in their hearts.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I am in my mid twenties and I am childless by choice. I have friends that have children but surprisingly most of them are very smart and dont burden people with their kids and be selfish. when you have children I believe you have to do whats best and be selfless. I dont think bringing your kid to an adult movie or letting your kid scream in a nice restaraunt is ok at all...you are just being selfish and not classy...I do not care how tired you are....get a baby-sitter if you want to go out do not bring your kid out and have him ruin everyones good time because he would rather scream and break everything like a little animal. He doesnt know better so leave him home. When I have children I'll be maturer and ready to take on the challenges of being a great parent instead of half assing it and being selfish becasue I was too lazy to use birth control or too stupid to even care.

Pam said...

Right ON, sister! I wrote about this on my own blog a few months ago; namely, how parents today don't discipline their children or teach them how to behave properly in public. If you were to ask parents exactly why they wanted to have a baby about 99% of them cannot answer the question which means they gave no thought to it whatsoever (other than, "Oooo, I wanted someone cute to cuddle!") Seriously??? The naysayers that left nasty comments here are just jealous that parentless women actually have a life and the freedom to do what they like (not to mention flat, tight abs.) I'm proud of my career and my accomplishments and love my life and that is something that most parents cannot honestly say for themselves. This entitlement society must be stopped.

lightupvirginmary said...

Thanks Pam! :)