Sunday, 9 September 2007

Totally Jodie Marsh: Aftermath

Ahhh... so THIS is why they stitched her up so bad on the wedding day. It came to light that she WAS dating Matt Peacock before the 'search for a husband' even started. In fact her PA's PA said they were ENGAGED before the auditions even started. So that's why he didn't show up on the day. It's literally as heartbreaking as when Prince Charles said 'whatever love is' after he married Lady Di (ie. not very). Jodie! We trusted you!
They also showed us Jodie en route to the registery office part of the ceremony in the back of a white van. She looked a bit like a stripper in a silly hat. They showed the PA dude saying the whole thing was just a farce for them to get free stuff. Isn't that what z-list celebrities do? Marry, have babies, get divorced, for the STUFF? And us mugs do all that kind of crap for FREE (well I don't- I'm waiting for my free stuff).
Observations from the day: Jodie's brother looked like he wanted to stab the groom. I can't believe Jodie wore black eyeshadow to get married in (he'll scrub that off once you're married, remember). Everyone looked very sombre during the ceremony.
Finally they showed her PA (or was it the PA's PA? I don't fucking know) packing his stuff and leaving.
Tune in next month for Jodie's new husband packing his stuff and leaving. Oh go on then, give it two.


Shep said...

I always cry at weddings...

lightupvirginmary said...

i never get invited to any!