Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Location, Location, Location/ Relocation, Relocation

They obviously couldn't be arsed to write 'Relocation' three times.
I think I may have just officially got old. Ever since Richard n Judy finished last week I have been coming home from work and watching these shows on More 4 (and another one called 'Selling Houses'- imaginative!) I have never watched a show like this before, except Grand Designs, which actually kicks arse on occasion.
These property shows are NOT grand, but are like being wrapped in a big fuck-off blanket and dreaming about doing heroin. These shows are comforting AND addictive. Nothing really happens. Nothing is really learnt. But I just want more!
The weirdest part of it, is they are obviously ancient repeats, interspersed with less ancient ones, and the hosts, Kirstie and Phil have undergone a strange transformation since the ye olde days of 2001. 2001 wasn't THAT long ago, but Kirstie looks like a teenager straight out of boarding school in the early ones. She has a strange Joanna Lees quality about her and no style whatsoever, wearing a series of strange coats she looks like she's nicked off a local farmer. Fast forward a few series and she's more cuddly, more stylish, and significantly less posh. She's also not standing around like she has a stick up her arse anymore.
Phil is even weirder. His voice has completely changed. He's stopped mumbling and has turned up his friendliness by a thousand. That's what an increased wage does to you.
I also enjoy hearing the word 'vendor', mainly because it always makes me think of Venger from Dungeons and Dragons.


Anonymous said...

But that's the thing; 2001 WAS a long time ago! scary :0
Dungeons and dragons eh? I had no idea..

lightupvirginmary said...

the cartoon, not the... other thing. I don't know what the other thing is but it's major geeky.

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, I'll believe ya ;)

* (asterisk) said...

I <3 Phil and Kirst.

lightupvirginmary said...

I love them too now. Are they a couple? I don't see why they would be, but you never know.