Saturday, 22 September 2007

The X Factor: We Love Streisand

Of COURSE I have been watching The X Factor; suckered in year after year by the hundred and ten percents, the sob stories and of course, Simon Cowell's teeth.
However, I'm not sure about Dannii Minogue: I alternate between thinking she's quite attractive and a wonky-nosed, plastic-faced neponistic foghorn (yes I made up the word nepotonistic, what are you gonna do about it?)
I also don't like the fact that Sharon Osbourne isn't the top spec bitch anymore, I liked her ruling the roost, and she seems much quieter this year. Come on Sharon, kick some fucking arse.
I've always hated the squirming, squinting little Louis, but even I felt a bit sad when they sacked him for Brian 'style director' Freidman. However, now he's back you realise what a humourless, spiteful little gimp Louis is. He takes a perverse delight in laughing in people's faces. I love the fact Simon and Sharon are just completely degrading him now by constantly calling him Lulu.
On the subject of sackings, Kate Thornton could present about as well as she could tell her stylist that her outfit didn't look so great, so I was looking forward to Dermot taking over. However, I find his presenting style a little weird on this show, he pops up at the bottom of the screen waggling his head around like an over-enthusiastic tortoise and blinking into the sun. He also seems to spend no time getting to know or consoling the contestants. I'm thinking that's because he was filming BBLB at the time and his profile might increase a little in the coming weeks.
As for tonights show, there's only really one thing to comment on and it's the girl in the 'wedding dress'. I literally cannot believe such people exist. How do they get through the day? The amount of suffering they must have to endure every time they leave the house must make life unbearable. It is the ultimate cruelty to laugh at her and her League-of-Gentlemen-esque family, but what choice do you have?

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