Friday, 28 September 2007

Jonathan Ross: Beth Ditto, Jamie Foxx, Michael Ball

Tonight Jro had a right weird assortment of guests. Jamie Foxx (is it a double x? I forget) was about what I expected, a bit shallow and dull. What's the deal with his hairline though? It's like Action Man gone wild. No really: how does he get it like that? Is it stuck on? Somebody explain.
I really liked Beth Ditto: I thought she was incredibly cute and I love her accent. I kind of hate some of the things she stands for (her faux punk sensibilities, and the gratuitous nudity, for example) but she seems like a really funny and kind person. I felt a bit bad for her when they showed the NME cover and all the audience went 'eww'. I went 'eww' too when I saw it, but even so. I don't think ANY woman should strip naked to get on the cover of a magazine, no matter what your size is, I think it's anti-feminist, perhaps more so when you do have talent, so you don't even need to fall back on your bosoms. I don't think there's a point to be made. I think it's exploitative regardless of your reasoning behind it.
It does make me angry though, that whatever she does, there is a certain section of the community that will just see her as a fat lesbian. She is an intelligent woman and she does have an incredible voice, and a lot more talent than 95% of the sticks you see in magazines, so she should be given some respect. Unfortunately, society is too dumb to see past the fat.
Michael Ball? Yeah sure you got fat for a role, whatever you say. Jonathan Ross: always funny.

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Shep said...

I agree - you don't have to fall back on your bosoms...

*insert punchline here*