Wednesday, 26 September 2007

The Pick-Up Artist: Final

Oh my God, The Pick Up Artist was the best show ever. We watched the whole damn lot in one week. I watched the first in the new series of America's Next Top Model yesterday and The Pick Up Artist blew it out of the water for charm, positivity and good old male-bonding. I loved all the crying. I love seeing a man cry, especially over being awarded a gaudy medallion by a man named Mystery.
AND the best man won!
Ok so there is a something a little bit creepy about calling groups of women 'sets' and treating dating as a game but it is a game for some people. And there is something quite life-affirming and reassuring about the way it is done. It's quite clever the way Mystery even wraps the viewer round his long, skinny fingers. (eww)
So how does he do it? Mystery looks like a lanky geek who had a run in with a pilot and a leopard and an eyeliner, and a few chat up lines 'did you see that fight outside?' and 'you wiggle your nose when you smile' and he's in with all sorts of gorgeous women. Surely it's not that easy? But some of the tips and tricks are quite good, like saying you can only stay for five minutes to stop girls wishing you would fuck off, and including the girl's friend whom you're trying to chat up.
I LOVED all the geeks in The Pick Up Artist, but especially Kosmo (with a K) because he wasn't really a geek at all, he was a cute Latino in a furry hoodie. Brady was alright, but I didn't like his blonde hair. He did pull an 'exotic dancer' though, which was quite impressive. I hope he can get laid at last.
I guess the best thing about the show is it proves that you don't need to be drop dead gorgeous to pull, you just need to bullshit cleverly. No, you just need bags of confidence, and that can be faked. Hope for geeks everywhere. Just lay off the leopard print. Please.

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