Monday, 14 May 2007

Panorama: Scientology and Me

I read about this in the paper today. In what was simply a brilliant ruse to make people watch, John Sweeney the investigative journalist was in the paper apologising for shouting at what appeared to be Tom Cruise's shorter and angrier brother.
It was a very heavy-handed anti-Scientology investigation, but I don't think I'd take too kindly to being stalked by a sunglasses-clad man in black everywhere I went. I thought his head was going to spin around at an given moment.
In my eyes any religion which seperates family members by 'disconnecting' them and threatening them with harrassment charges if they send them a letter is a cult*, and morally wrong. The whole anti-psychiatry thing is also very dubious and only this week I read that John Revolting's autistic son isn't being treated because Scientologists don't 'believe' in it. They do however, believe they are descended from aliens.
Now why would they deny this part of their religion? This is the good bit! The bit that makes David Icke look sane! I love the alien stuff.
Tom Cruise is clearly a chump and no advert for anything. Of course half the stories about him aren't true, but half probably are. That baby looks like an alien. In fact, is it a requirement you have to look exactly like Tom Cruise to be a Scientologist? OK, I'm not sure how Juliette Lewis got involved but her music makes Jared Leto look like a credible songwriter, so whatever.
It wasn't even that good when the journalist lost it. I wanted him to twat that Tommy guy. Tommy didn't even bat an eyelid when someone was hollering in his face. He's probably used to it.
In conclusion: half an hour isn't long enough for a documentary. It's rubbish. I learnt more from South Park. In fact, everyone knows everything they need about Scientology from that episode of South Park. Case closed.

*I put the word 'cult' in my tags just to annoy the diddy Cruise-meister. I'm proper dastardly.


Ossian said...

If ever somebody wanted a definition of hysteria, it was that reporter's rant, but Scientology should be called Ballsology, because that's what it is.

* (asterisk) said...

It was mental, that show, wasn't it?!

Red said...

What's with the Jared Leto hating? I'd much rather listen to his music (and watch 30 Seconds to Mars vids...) than to "You Speak My Language Baby" or that terrible new one where Juliette is dressed like a cross between Olivia Newton John in Physical and an Indian (feathers, not dots), wandering like a lost soul through the streets of London. Plus, she was in Natural Born Killers, which has got to be one of the worst films ever made. And she shagged Brad Pitt, who is unarguably the most vacuous cock in Hollywood.

Jared is hot, even though he hates bloggers.

lightupvirginmary said...

Jared is fit, don't get me wrong! *swoon*
But his music is dreadful. Oh the angst! What with your hollowood career? Boo hoo!

lightupvirginmary said...

I put hollowood by accident but I can see a reason to leave it!

Red said...

I'm digging the two 30 Secs singles, but then I've always been drawn to angst-ridden drop-dead-gorge, blue-eyed hotties. I'm just an emo kid at heart!

Red said...

I feel I've somewhat hijacked the comments of this post from Scientology to Jared Leto.

Scientology is freaky, though, absurdly controlling. That Tommy dude was so rehearsed, he sounded like an episode of CSI Miami. In fact, he could step into Horatio's shoes quite effortlessly.

lightupvirginmary said...

Red- it's alright- I'm not strict on what you comment- I'm just happy people do! There was tumbleweed on my blog for a long time (all those priceless Big Brother posts- sob!)
Everyone's gotta have at least one 'embarrassing' band they like, my boyfriend likes Panic at the Disco and I like this cheesy emo-offshoot band Jack's Mannequin. I can barely type those words, it's the worst band name of all time.