Thursday, 31 May 2007

Big Brother 8: The Stepford Twins

Ok there's something wrong with those twins. Speaking in tongues, wearing the same clothes, it's just cult-like. They are strangely robotic and seem to excessively enjoy doing things that children do. Do they have to jump on EVERYTHING? That weird rap they did was just plain strange. In fact, I feel slightly grubby watching them. Please evict them quick because I can feel some more complaints coming on. They don't seem to be old enough to be left alone without a babysitter. I don't want to see them sucking someone off when the spotty teenage boys arrive.
OK, second impressions. Laura seems very genuine, I liked her babbling in the diary room. I like the embalming ambition, too. Leslie is worryingly manipulative. Much as I wanted to like Charley, she's not doing herself any favours. Chanel= thick. Shabnam more annoying than I'd hoped. Tracey: not sure. Emily: stunning but precocious. Carole: not keen. Nicky- disappointingly boring eyeshadow talk.
I found tonight quite entertaining. I expected it to be boring but it wasn't. I'm glad there's a lot less bimbos and wannabes than normal and it looks like the super-bimbo twins and the slappers (Charley and Chanel) will be brought down a peg or two soon enough.
Bring it on.

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