Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Obedient Wives

Or 'muppets' as I like to call them. I swear, there is such a culture of sexism in programming at the moment, either that or I'm becoming a militant feminist. I just notice everything sexist. Mind you, it's not hard watching this crap.
'I just keep my mouth shut' says one wife. 'We used to argue all the time.' No kidding relationships have power struggles. No kidding couples have arguments. Of course keeping your mouth shut will stop this. Of course doing all the housework will help appease. Of course if you say yes to sex every time there will be less arguments. But where do you park your soul?
'Visualise duct tape over your mouth'. That would work for me for all of five minutes before I went on a killing spree. Why should the woman surrender?
All this 'he wears the trousers' stuff. Women on Wife Swap teaching their daughter that their job in life is to serve men first, to make a cup of tea at the click of their fingers. Me and my boyfriend have to play a game of cards to decide who makes a cup of tea. We're too stubborn to even take it in turns. This is healthly. Rowing is healthy. Stubborness is healthy. It proves you're alive. I have been out with a 'yes' man. It's boring. Don't tell me obedient wives are any different.
And as for the advice 'cut up your credit cards and hand control of your finances to your man'- Jesus. That is plain dangerous. 'It's nice because every time he takes you out it feels like a date.' Bollocks. You feel indebted. I couldn't think of anything worse. You'd have to be thick as pigshit to give up your financial independence. We come from a generation of mothers who had to stay married no matter what. Now women can be free to work, drink, throw stuff around, be creative. It's wonderful.
Get out of the doldrums! Life is good for women now. No surrender. If you really can't stop arguing, get a new husband. Being a doormat is not an option.


Anonymous said...
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electriclandlady said...

I wish I knew just what had been deleted.

I also wish that I had seen this show. I missed an hour of getting very angry at the tv.

Un-chained said...

Wicked post Lyns. I think I am turning into a militant feminist too. My sister declared she wasnt a feminist the other day and I was shocked at how mis-educated she was. Disgusted actually. It was like listening to an African American denying the history of slavery: "Sorry, what was all that about again?" There is no fucking excuse for that.