Wednesday, 23 May 2007

The Apprentice- Midlife Crisis

Well there weren't many laughs in The Apprentice tonight. I knew Jadine would go, not because Tre is a mastermind of business, but because he's good TV, and her moping around crying, isn't. That's just the way it is. You're fired. She looked happy to go anyway, and who could blame her?
No one was interesting tonight. Simon wasn't funny. Miss Piggy wasn't cunty enough. Orange woman didn't look so orange. They all just got on my nerves.
I really didn't get the whole rug in a box thing. What was the point in that? A rug is good because you just throw it on the floor. You don't want to build it like a bookcase. If you took that on Dragon's Den they'd kick your arse.
In fact I thought all the items they were selling were jokes, especially the sun-in-a-compact invention. A snip at £100! For God's sake. Are people that frivolous with their cash? If so, send some my way. Ta.
So who's gonna win? My boyf thinks Orange woman and Miss Piggy are going to go head to head. I hope Simon wins.
Whatever happens, if that's the cream of British business, I dread to think what the milk looks like.


Red said...

I go for orange woman and Tre in the final. Sralan loves a wide boy because he is one himself and he forgives Tre anything. That's why he was so hard on him last night, because he expects the best from him.

Jadine had been riding everyone's coat tails since day 1, and the other boy (Lock-It?) who ended up in the board room has been flying under the radar at least that long. He is utterly unremarkable.

My least favourite product was the hot-water bottle-type thing. Because they look like bunnies and kittens, you know there's going to be twattish kids who will end up trying to put the family pet in the microwave to see if they come out warm and snuggly...

I like the sun-in-a-box thing. But then I have been thinking about buying a light box for a while, you know, to counter that nasty SAD during the winter months...

Ossian said...

i hate it when the horrible people start to be nice. you don't know where you are then. tre was wobbling severely in the boardroom. i thought he was going to blow it at one point. i officially hate him, and that one who's full of herself. the irish one is almost a nice combination of common and sexy, but i prefer a combination of posh and slutty, really. i like some Dublin accents, ones with a bit of lilt in them, like the hawkers in Moore Street, or even bawb gehldov but the "flat" accent is really not nice. however, i wouldn't mind letting her try to change my mind. (as if)

lightupvirginmary said...

Red- forget the box thing, just go on holiday! :-)