Thursday, 31 May 2007

The Apprentice- Flogging a Dead Horse

By the power of Greyskull I managed to watch both BB & The Apprentice. It was actually quite a good Apprentice tonight. We thought Simon was DEFINITELY for the chop. The items he chose were ridiculous. I felt really sorry for Orange Woman for buggering it up. She seems like a genuine person.
How narky were the people who worked on the shopping channel? What did they expect, an Oscar-winning performance at selling hair remover?
I was shocked when Naomi went. She didn't deserve it. Tre was hopeless. He didn't even try. Alan's fake firing of him almost had me fooled. Even though she appeared to be ill (karmaic poisoning) Miss Piggy was still sharpening her knives. She knows Orange Woman could steal her crown at any point and she's running scared. Her comment about shopping channel viewers was revolting snobbery. What an awful woman. Alan will never choose her, or Tre.
It's down to the wire now. Lohit's too quiet. Simon's too flaky. Miss Piggy's a cunt. It aint too Orangey for crows. She's gotta win.


Red said...

And didn't she keep going on about Mavis and her ample bosoms?!? I wish she fucked off with her stupid demographics.

I thought Naomi and Tre should have fought their corner better (in the boardroom). After all, they were the ones who managed to sell two of those redonkulous wheelchairs. Simon was shite all round. Chose crap products, didn't feed them any info when he was "producing" and screwed up the sales pitch too. Any donkey could have sold that trampoline. Hell, I wanted one... until Simon started wanking on the screwable legs...

lightupvirginmary said...

HOW could I not have mentioned that?!!!!!!!!! Hilarious! Naomi was the fall guy. She was had! Simon, he'll get you next time.

Ossian said...

yeah, what a joke the star jumps. but he deserved to be kept for sheer joie de vivre. i was totally sure he was going to be fired, but the fact is he had a thought, which is more than the others did.

that snobby one she's nearly as bad as jade goody, i think, equally bigotted. she is the definition of everything i hate. at some stage it's bound to come out that she thinks sralan is an oick and self-destruct. then she can go back to sucking colonel blimp's plums.

tre also thinks he's too good for it.

i think it's the asian one, wozname or irish girl. she has a spark there, something human. that's my prediction for the final, and asian bloke will probably win.

lightupvirginmary said...

I saw Miss Piggy stripping in a field in the paper! My eyes!
Lohit CANT win! Can he?

Ossian said...

Lohit to win. Get your money on at Ladbrokes.