Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Oh Fuck It

I might get an attack of nerves and take this down soon but here's me reading at the Metrowords Event on Thursday. I read two poems and a bit from my novel. I read a bit too fast cos my mum was there so I was nervous. Listen to that thunderous applause. ;-)



It's a bit quiet so get your ear trumpet out.

The night went really well I thought, everyone was excellent, especially Elle who actually performed hers rather than read it to her feet like me and Jeff. Haha.

You can hear the podcasts here cos the whole bloody lot appeared by magic over night, like when those pixies did that guys shoes. Amazing. It might be mildly masochistic to listen to the whole thing, though.

And here's Steve's reading. Steve is an excellent writer and he ran the whole night and I think chopped them all up for us, so cheers for that, Steve.

I'm gonna go hide in the corner now.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment!
I feel like a superstar...well without the 'super'!

Ossian said...

it's still great. got to be worth something when you can listen to the same story several times and still get a kick out of it. where is mr ziegfeld or whoever is supposed to come and discover such things?