Wednesday, 9 May 2007

The Apprentice- Yes, I'm still watching

I'm still not really enjoying The Apprentice but Wednesday night is pretty poor for TV. At least I know most of the characters now even if they are a bunch of cunts. Especially annoying me today was Miss Piggy & Gonzo's lovechild Katie. 'Let him go back to his Northern chums... where he belongs.' What a snob! All those ghastly foreigners should just push off back home as well, shouldn't they? Honestly. She is unreal. Such a backstabber too. How can she think that would make her look like an appealling potential employee? It really doesn't. I enjoyed watching her head nearly explode with embarrassment because she has a crush on that dopey twonk who got the boot last week.
The task seemed pretty pointless: go shopping. Oh, Ok then. It's not like Alan asked them to bring a Dodo back from extinction or bring him a unicorn's horn. It was just a few fucking seeds!
Adam finally got the boot despite a stirring speech to save himself: 'At the end of the day... I'm a good negotiatior... I sell stuff... I'm a good negotiator... er...'
There were a few good David Brent moments but no good Tre one liners this week.
Gazal... why does Alan keep saying Gisele? It's like Jackiey in the Big Brother house all over again. And no one wants to be reminded of that.


Red said...

I had no idea what Nigella seeds were, but didn't you think that the clue was, like, in the word "seeds"? It wasn't astroturf, you muppet!

The best moment for me was when Adam said the importer wouldn't release a list with the names of the shops that do stock the product. Uh-oh... big mistake!

* (asterisk) said...

Funny, I think Sralan keeps saying Gazelle. But I thought it was supposed to be Gisele for weeks. Turns out it's Ghazal or something. Katie is proper vile, though, and she do like to go red, don't she?

"Mr Pinot and Mr Greeeegeeo"! And Sralan's like: "I don't know what you're on about. That's right over my head, that is."

Duh, Sralan: money and knighthoods are no substitute for knowledge, then?

lightupvirginmary said...

When am I going to start liking any of them like you guys promised me???

Red said...

I must agree with you on this one, girl. There isn't a single one among them who is not even likeable, but qualified for the job, it seems. My money right now is on Christine (?), the one who teamed up with Katie to get the bargains in the last episode.

Tre is funny, though (in that "let's cover up these pictures of breasts because in my religion they are obscene" way).

* (asterisk) said...

Sorry, LUVM: We've led you down the garden path on this one. They are all a bit cuntish. I like Tre's sweary mouth, but his religious zealotry over the breastesses did perturb me somewhat.

lightupvirginmary said...

Quite: he is the funniest one though. Did you see Alan Sugar on Jro? He couldn't even look Rossy in the eye! Sourpuss.

Ossian said...

Yeah, astroturf, hah. That whole task could have been completed in about an hour with Google, but they have to go out and wonder are nigella seeds some sort of grit that you put on astroturf.

That toxic snob is just life-depleting. I like the Irish one, I fancy her to zap the maundering ninny.

* (asterisk) said...

Sralan was good on J-Ro, yes. On about taking his groin back. Ew. Too much information, methinks.