Saturday, 19 May 2007

Enders/ Derren/ Peep Show/ Jro/ Idol

It was an excellent night's TV last night- lucky for me, who's too poor to go out. Eastenders, which is proper rubbish on a stick normally was unintentionally hilarious, watching Phil Mitchell's pudgy little face trying to hang onto that car was ace. He looked like a gigantic hippo diving under the water, stopping for a five minute chat under the car. Does Ian's brat die? I dunno. I don't read the soap spoiler. It wasn't looking good though.
Derren was the one we've been waiting for, where he made a girl think she'd died in a car crash. The cast of her face was really creepy, but who lets people put gunge over their mouth and eyes at the beauty spa? Yuck. I thought the whole thing was done as tastefully as possible considering the subject matter and it was very eerie and convincing. Derren: you remain the master.
Peep Show (can the series be over all ready??? Booooo!) was brilliant, Jez pissing himself was the moment for me. Come back very soon! Apparently Magicians is shit, but how can it be so?
Janice Dickinson on Jonathan Ross was fucking ace, she makes Sharon Osbourne look positively conservative. She would make a great judge on X Factor, it's true.
We also watched (i.e. forwarded through) American Idol and both predicted the no-necked wonder would get the heave-ho (mainly because they Americans don't like black people) and also cos she was kinda boring. Who will win out of Jordin and Blake? I dunno. What I do know is I'm going to be at my mums next week for the final so I'm going to have to watch the whole fuckng thing, insipid Cat Deeley links an' all. And if I dare say I hate this or that person I'll get,
'Why are you so horrible about everyone?! You don't like anyone!'
True. It's called having taste.

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