Sunday, 6 May 2007

This is David Gest

Very strange TV indeed.
Last week on his show David Gest was described as a a 'national treasure'. David Gest is about as much of a national treasure as Mickey off Eastenders: if you saw him in Tescos you'd probably text a mate but if he was dying outside a nightclub you'd pretend you hadn't seen rather than give him mouth-to-mouth.
I'd say David Gest was 'style over substance' if he had any, but he doesn't. Rather he is more 'show' over substance, it's all about the superficial. Essentially he is an empty shell of a man with several good one-liners.
Still it is hard not to have a soft spot for him: I especially like the fact he's now made Matt Willis his little bitch. I also like the fact his minder looks exactly like him, and he employs someone solely to apply boot polish to his balding head.
His meeting with Cliff Richard was just plain excruciating but he was blatantly taking the piss when he pretended not to know who Martine McCutcheon was.
A funny (looking) man who is probably yet to meet his match. As desperate for attention as Jordan and as desperate to be loved as Britney. I wonder what thoughts keep him awake at night?
Its probably something as shallow as what lipgloss to buy next. But his story could still end in a pool of vomit and prescription pills. I don't know, I just get that vibe from him.


Anonymous said...

National Treasure, my arse! And yes, I do know who Martine McCutcheon is, I've met her twice ;-)

electriclandlady said...

I like the bit about not giving him mouth to mouth. My tea went up my nose.

I didn't really like this show, I only saw the first one though.... I was expecting better.