Monday, 21 May 2007

Make Me a Virgin- Abstinence makes the heart go crazy

I Sky plussed this last week and finally got round to watching it. It revolved around a group called 'The Silver Ring Thing' which is based on an American group and basically bans sex before marriage. One guy said he didn't masturbate and hugs girls 'sideways on, because they have breasts.' Yes indeed. Another girl said she didn't watch chick flicks cos they made her want a boyfriend. Really? They make me want put my head in the oven. Still I felt a bit sorry for her. Suppressing natural feelings can't be healthy.
Most of the people in it did look quite normal and good-looking, fun-haters though they were. They were making a film to recruit more virgins, or wannabe virgins. Fair enough. Then this American guy arrived.
Alarm bells started to ring for me when he started spouting the UK is a 'cesspool of garbage and filth' like someone Louis Theroux would be sent to get a rise out of. So the filmmaker decided to go to the US and see how this whole thing started.
There it got even more weird. One guy said he'd never kissed his girlfriend! And he wasn't eight years old. How about that?
I didn't feel like my heart was ripped out as the propaganda purports when I slept with people as a teenager. I lost my virginity to someone I loved and I learnt a lot from it (even if I did see him balding and old-looking on myspace recently). Even the ones I didn't love I wouldn't change because it's a story to tell, something that made me as I am today. Love is amazing when you're a teenager. Feelings are turned up to a thousand. I never understood 'adults' who said you don't know real love until you're older. Bullshit. Your first love is as real as it gets. Your first heartbreak is a valuable lesson, an important lesson. Sex isn't evil. Kids have sex, but I was an intelligent kid. If you lose your virginity drunk at a party, more fool you. I was never a stupid teenager. If you have a brain, you'll survive.
Abstaining until marriage seems dangerous. Abstaining until you fall in love is great (unless you want to fuck around- and if you do, fine, as long as you look after yourself). But until marriage? What century is this? There is something very creepy about these men (it's always men, isn't it?) chainsawing in half effigies of people's hearts. Or a man saying he can't look at someone on American Idol's cleavage but he used to be addicted to porn. There's something a bit weird there.
I was rather alarmed by the comment that 'HPV literally just kills you, it makes your liver fail and you get cervical cancer in 99% of the cases...' For God's sake. That is dangerous bullshit. Besides, you can protect yourself from diseases.
Oh, anyway. You might as well talk to the wall. As Eminem once said, 'I'm going to Hell! Who's coming with me?'


Ossian said...

well hug me sideways!

these abstainers are worse than the debauchees, you know. it's all Freudian, they're more obsessed than the people they criticize, which is why that guy was a porn addict. once a porn addict always a porn addict. "always keep a mag in the house", just to remind you like A.A. always keeping a bottle of booze.

i didn't see it, so no doubt i'm talking utter tripe. (better not say claptrap in this case.)

lightupvirginmary said...

No, you're quite right!

Anonymous said...

So, you're a whore. Simple as that. I just saw the first minutes of the documentary, but there the non-abstainer documentarymaker gives some critical information.
- Britain has the highest teenage pregnancy rate of Europe.
- Britain has a high rate of sexaddicts.

You try to promote a lifestyle of free sex, but are you willing to pay the consequences? Probably not, since most are not. The increase of STD's, abortions, teenage pregnancies says enough to welcome a different sound!

All the negative side-effects off the 'do-it-with-who-ever-you-want'-lifestyle ruin lifes, cost the economy enormous amounts of money and puts people into serious psychological problems, sometimes even psychiatrical.

That darkside of the 'free-fukcing'-lifestyle that gets promoted today is hardly ever mentioned, and even renounced, but in the mean the figures speak for themselves ...

Johnny said...

Sorry, clicked the wrong button, so my last post was posted Anonymous

lightupvirginmary said...
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lightupvirginmary said...

I've never had an STD or an abortion, thanks. There is such a thing as contraception, which works very well, you fucking prick, if you don't mind me calling you that, as you called me a whore.

Ossian said...

i think "psychiatrical" sums johnny up nicely.

lightupvirginmary said...

Also, sex is free. And I'm not promoting a lifestyle. I'm just having sex, like every other sane person in the world. Also, Johnny, read this:

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Johnny (oh the irony of the name), grow up/chill out, if you pass judgement of every opinion you'll never be offline.

Go on, have a nice fuck.

Ossian said...

however i'm wondering about "every other sane person in the world is...". oh yeah, that fits. n'mind.

Anonymous said...

Johnny, I think you better stop breathing as breathing may give you a respiratory tract infection. Just to be on the safe side y'know.


Chris "Jesdisciple" said...

> There is something very creepy about
> these men (it's always men, isn't
> it?) chainsawing in half effigies of
> people's hearts.

Hmm... You have a point. Men telling women about sexual ethics doesn't seem right. But rest assured, there are plenty of women who agree. You can probably find them at one (hopefully all) of your local churches.

> Or a man saying he can't look at
> someone on American Idol's cleavage
> but he used to be addicted to porn.
> There's something a bit weird there.

That's repentance. It's probably the main reason men are more dogmatic about the whole thing: We (well, many of us) have lived on the other side and chosen our position based on that education.

BTW, in the interest of understanding our position, please try to find respect for women (however ill-informed you may consider that respect) among the causes for this behavior. I doubt this would occur to women who don't value chastity, and that's the main reason I mentioned it. Once you find respect within the position, perhaps you will have more respect for it.